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Temptation Island, Ale spring Federico at the confrontation bonfire: “You are ungrateful, you disgust me, you have no respect for me” (VIDEO)

Temptation Island, Ale spring Federico at the confrontation bonfire: "You are ungrateful, you disgust me, you have no respect for me" (VIDEO)

The latest installment of Temptation Islandwhich aired yesterday Monday 31 July 2023, saw the showdown of the last two remaining pairs still in the game. After Daniele and Vittoria, too Ali and Federico they decided to put an end to their love story and leave the reality of temptations alone.

It’s over between Ale and Federico: the final confrontation bonfire

No happy ending for the couple formed by Ale and Federico. To request the final confrontation bonfire was the girl who, furious and disappointed for the behavior of her boyfriend in the village with the temptress Carmendecided to meet Federico and communicate his decision to him:

You’re done playing the man with no balls. An I’m sorry is not enough for me, you disgust me. I came here thinking I could build something with you. I found myself a person who says they don’t feel the same things I did, then publicly declare they don’t love me, you know the grossest thing? You did it laughing! What kind of person are you? You have to shut up because you don’t deserve shit. You should kiss where I walk for all I’ve done for you, you’re an ungrateful, lousy shit.

He said he wanted to leave me and he didn’t have the balls to do it, why didn’t you come to the bonfire? You said that you’ve never felt certain things for me and that you’re starting to feel for this person. Couldn’t you have told me before you took me on this path? – has continued with tears in my eyes – The fact is that you don’t love me, but you don’t love me either because if you loved me, you would respect me and you have no respect for me!

The strong statements of But have caused the Frederick’s reactionwhich he tried to defend themselves against the accusations stating:

I was a coward, but we can’t even say that I deluded you. I was hoping that maybe you would take the decision, I got used to it, you know how I am, at first I suffered from being together, I didn’t feel the things I wanted to try, but in the meantime I was there, I was getting used to it. I always say I was in a gilded cage. I still feel the instinct to want to have fun, at 32 years old.

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Daniele and Vittoria leave Temptation Island alone

The behavior of Federicobut it has also annoyed Filippo Bisciglia:

She feels teased because you came in here as boyfriends, and therefore assumes that you didn’t already love her before. You came here and realized that others loved girlfriends and so you thought you didn’t love yours, but shouldn’t you have noticed it outside too? (…) For Ale she is becoming humiliating, so I anticipate the question I should ask her.

And to the fateful question, yes Ale that Federico replied that they wanted to leave Temptation Island alone. We remember that, in addition to Ale and Federico, too Daniele and Vittoria, Mirko and Perla, Francesca and Manuel have decided to end their journey in the popular reality of temptations on Canale 5 separated.

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