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Another tomorrow, August 13, 2023: Carmen and the agreement with Patricia

Another tomorrow, August 13, 2023: Carmen and the agreement with Patricia

Another tomorrow, who is Enoa and who is the actress

In Another tomorrow Enoa is the Villanuevas’ maid. He has a very close bond with Carmen. His bond with Kiros is one of friendship, even if the two are one step away from the altar… For a series of intertwining circumstances, reported below.

The actress who plays Enoa in of Lives (original title of the soap) is Edith Martinez Val.

Who is the father of Enoa’s child in Another Tomorrow?

The sinister: Ivan Mendes (Kiros) and Edith Martinez Val (<yoastmark class=).

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Enoa becomes pregnant in Another tomorrow and become a mother of a child. Who is the father of Enoa’s son in Another tomorrow? Carlos is the son of Victoras well as Carmen’s boyfriend. It is Carmen herself who accidentally kills him, while she seeks revenge against Patricia.

Another tomorrow, how does it end between Kiros and Enoa?

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In the episodes aired in March 2023 in Italy Kiros (Ivan Mendes) agrees to get married with This one (Edith Martinez Val). As always, Kiros is extremely altruistic, in the sense that her decision is dictated by the desire not to leave the maid alone to carry on with her pregnancy. In fact, only by marrying her, he could give a father to the child whose maid is pregnant.

At the same time, the young man is intelligent and knows how to communicate head and heart. He’s not convinced it’s a sensible decision for his future. He is afraid of tarnishing his life for an altruistic gesture. Kindness risks making his existence take off in a direction that does not belong to him. Even the woman is aware that no feelings bind them. Thus, she is the first to take the step to blow up the “happy” event. Enoa finds himself in the position of having to update Patricia (Silvia Acosta) and Francisco (Sebastian Haro), who are not exactly two lambs.

As we know, it is Carmen (Amparo Piñero) to marry Kiros. In the episodes aired from 7 to 13 August 2023 there is a turning point in this sense.