Another Tomorrow Advances August 2, 2023: Kiros leaves Carmen stunned

Let’s find out together the Advances of the Episode of Another Tomorrow aired on August 2 Channel 5. The plots of the episode reveal that after Dolores’ decision to bring Carmen back to Madrid, the girl receives a shocking proposal from Kiros…

Let’s see together Advances Of Another Tomorrow for the episode of 2 August 2023. In weft dell’Episode aired starting at 16.44: Dolores has decided, Carmen will return to Madrid with her. The woman doesn’t like the lifestyle her daughter leads in Rio Muni. Francisco thinks she eats Dolores. La Villanueva tries to dissuade them, but without success. The adventuressAt that time, informa Kiroswhich, in response, he makes the offer of marriage. In Robledillo, however, Elena and Dani seem more distant than ever.

Another Tomorrow: Carmen delivers an ultimatum to Francisco

Mario tells Julia about Carmen’s story and the moment in which he decided to turn it into novels, then he also reveals something prior to the first book: suddenly a mysterious man came to town looking for Carmen. Meanwhile Elena is worried: Dani is too involved with Manu. Indeed, the boy will open up with Tirso admitting that he has strong feelings for Mario’s niece. In Africa, the arrival of Dolores has turned the life of the Villanueva family upside down. Carmen finds herself between a rock and a hard place for her when her mother asks about Patricia. So since an ultimatum to his father Francisco: or says to Dolores the truth about his relationship with Patricia or asks his mistress to leave the family home. Ma his it doesn’t seem intentional, on the contrary, he asks Patricia to keep her mouth shut. Linda also faces a difficult time, Faustino he didn’t show up at the club and Victor ended up revealing to her that it was arrested by the Colonial Guard. But soon the woman discovers that Faustino actually wants to leave for the metropolis, fed up with no one giving him a chance.

Another Tomorrow: Mario’s revelation is shocking

This onepregnant, after a ruinous fall, lives a moment of great concern for the health of her child. Dolores confides in Carmen that she is very disappointed by the end of her engagement to Victor and by the fact that they are now just friends with her. Patricia tries to convince Angel to reconnect with Ventura, but the boy categorically refuses and states that he will not leave for Rome. After a night of love, Kiros goes to Carmen’s house afraid she’s changed her mind, but while they’re together, Dolores knocks on the door. Cloe tries to persuade Ribero to take care of a dog together. Manu meanwhile she shows little interest in the job and Julia takes it back, threatening to fire her, but Dani he offers to help her: the boy confesses to Tirso that he is in love with Mario’s niece. Julia invites Mario to dinner to get answers to her questions about Carmen’s story. The man confesses the drama to her which is why Grandma ran away from Guinea – l’Victor’s murder – explaining that it was Carmen herself who asked him to write a novel inspired by her life. Julia is shocked by the revelation…

Kiros makes an unexpected proposal to Carmen, in the episode of Un Altro Domani on August 2, 2023

Linda decided to offer aopportunity to Faustino assigning it the role of room manager. Dolores strongly want that Carmen returns to Madrid together with her, since does not approve of her daughter’s lifestyle in Rio Muni. Prompted by Carmen, Francisco tries to get his wife to change her mind, but Dolores stands firm. The clash between Elena and her son Dani continues. Meanwhile Mario, having learned of Manu’s lies, threatens his niece to reveal everything about her to her parents but she promises to be sincere in the future. Diana is furious with Leo over an article that portrays her negatively and is not good for her business. In Rio Muni Eko confides in Kiros her concern for Enoa, as he can’t find a doctor willing to see her. Carmenunable to dissuade his parents, she shares her situation with Kiros that in order not to see her leave he asks her to marry him. Linda confesses to Carmen that she is attracted to a man but that she is aware that she cannot let go of this desire. Mario has a conversation, perhaps a little awkward but thoughtful with Manuper understand if he is aware that Dani is transgenderma Manu confirms to be aware of it and to be happy with him. Finally, Patricia confronts Enoa about an unexpected matter…

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