Big Brother, Cristina Scuccia leaves Tale and Which Show to enter the house? Here is the latest rumor

Among the next competitors of the GF there could also be Cristina Scuccia, the former Sister Cristina, after leaving Tale and Which Show. Here’s what we know!

The new edition of the Big Brother promises to be full of twists and turns and with a new look which, in the designs of Mediaset, will have to captivate the audience of Canale5 without resorting to too much trash and vulgarity. Based on these new guidelines, the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini will change completely: via the social moment, including its influencer Giulia Salemi, only one commentator, Cesara Buonamici, officially confirmed by Mediaset and a list of competitors on which Pier Silvio Berlusconi will personally approve and for which both influencers and onlyfans profiles have been categorically excluded.

Big Brother, Cristina Scuccia leaves Tale and Which to enter the House?

While it seems certain that the singer will be among the first vip competitors Rosanna Brothertogether with other names very close to signing, such as the sisters Brigida and Benedicta Boccoli, some faces of Real Time and some names of the programs Fascino, notthe name of a well-known face of Mediaset also appears, who has caused much discussion with his drastic change of life: Cristina Scucciathe former Sister Cristina.

It hurts she had first made herself known to the Rai2 audience, participating in The Voice, where she had triumphed to the general amazement of seeing a nun squirming on stage to the rhythm of pop and rock music. After winning the talent show, a difficult moment had opened up for Cristinain which the monastic life and the worldly life had collided harshly and which had then pushed her to abandon her vows to return to being simply Cristina Scuccia. The former nun had moved to Spain and had worked there as a waitress, living like any other girl of her age: in the autumn she had been invited by Verissimo as a guest in the studio and had left everyone amazed at her change, also announcing wanting to pursue a career in the music business. In April she had then begun the experience in the reality show L’Isola dei Famosi, during which she had almost reached the final, losing against Marco Mazzoli.

Then a few weeks ago, Carlo Conti announced her as one of the contestants in the next edition of Tale e Which Show, but a few days ago it was revealed that in her place there will be Jo Squillo is that Cristina Scuccia will no longer be one of the contestants of the talent show. The reasons were not revealed, until an indiscretion reported by Gianluca Paganotti, television writer and blogger, according to which the former nun will be part of the Big Brother castbroadcast starting from 11 September 2023. Furthermore, according to the blogger, alongside It hurts There will be also Brother Alfred, a candidate nip competitor who, a few months ago, wrote to the host of the reality show to be able to take part in the broadcast. Will it really be like this? We just have to wait for the final confirmation.

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