Barbie threatens the record of Super Mario Bros at the Italian box office of the weekend

With the latest results at the Italian box office of the weekend, Barbie with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling is second in the ranking of our best collections of the calendar year: Super Mario Bros. – The film’s days are numbered. In the world, Barbie is heading towards 800 million dollars, just two weeks after its release!

With the results of the last weekend Italian box officewhere it raised another 5,431,000 euros, Barbie is now traveling in Italy out of a total of 18,153,500: in other words the film with Margot Robbie e Ryan Gosling it has become from us the second highest grossing of the calendar yearhaving also passed Avatar – The way of water, the latter, however, unbeatable if the entire season is calculated, with its 44,793,400 euros. Anyway the peak of 2023, ie Super Mario Bros. – The Movie, is now one step away from defeat: in a couple of days it should be easily surpassed by the Mattel doll. Meanwhile in the whole world in just two weeks Barbie has totaled 774,500,000 dollars, for a budget of about 140, excluding promotion. The bargain of Warner Bros. directed by Greta Gerwig it also aims at a further record, more symbolic given the themes of the film: the threshold of 848 million dollars worldwide has been exceeded, a record held by the Chinese Hi Momwill become highest grossing for a film directed by a woman.

The rest of the Italian box office remained almost unchanged. Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Parte Uno in second place it brought home another 534,000 euros, which flowed into the total Italian collection of 4,015,300. A performance below expectations for Tom Cruise, also worldwide, where the action thriller released in mid-July fetched $448.5 million. With a budget under 300, the flop is about to become mathematical.
There is not even unfortunately to do further calculations for Indiana Jones and the Quadrant of Destiny in third position: in terms of budget it is in the same situation, but it has grossed even less, that is 356 million dollars (5,741,100 euros in Italy, 240,300 in the last weekend). A bitter trouble.
Different speech for the tenacious Elemental home Pixar: the love story between fire and water directed by Pete Sohn holds fourth place with 218,100 euros (5,727,600 of the Italian general result so far). Costing around 200 million dollars, it has reached 395,200,000 worldwide: if it holds out a little longer, it will reach 415 recovered its budget in theaters. It will still be in red as it cannot cover i promotional costsbut it will have to be admitted that, given the weak start, very few would have bet on it.
Appears in fifth position Crazy dad, with Robert De Niro an Italian immigrant dad, invited to meet the parents of his son’s future wife, with a foreseeable imminent culture clash. It starts with 110,300 euros. For a $29 million budget, the film hasn’t grossed even $16 million worldwide so far.

The complete box office of the weekend

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