My Home My Destiny, Advances and Turkish Plots: Mehdi leaves Zeynep for the pregnant lover?

In the new episodes of My Home My Destiny, soon to be broadcast on Channel 5, Zeynep discovers that Benal is pregnant. How will Mehdi behave with his ex-lover? Here are the previews.

Let’s find out together what they reveal Advances of the new episodes of My Home My Destinythe soap on air Channel 5. The plots from Turkey speak for themselves: Zeynep and Mehdi will shelve the idea of ​​divorcing for the good of the girl Match. As they start the custody procedures for the child, so as to remove her from the family home where she ended up following the arrest of Karaca, Benal will have the power to end the nascent relationship with a bombshell. The woman she is pregnant with Mehdi and, after finding support from Zeynep to whom he did not tell the whole truth about the pregnancy, rhe will blackmail his ex-lover’s sister to have him back by his side as soon as possible.

Mehdi gets out of jail in new installments of My Home My Destiny

Accused of having exploited two minors in his workshop, Mehdi ended up in prison shortly after having asked Zeynep to sign the annulment of the marriage, having discovered the lies of Gosku. The latter, however, having understood that Mehdi hired Kibrit and Ali to give them a roof over their heads, being orphans and minors, she let herself be moved by her story and decided to help her husband. Match, still a minor, risks ending up in the tunnel of adoptions and is desperate, since she has always considered Mehdi as a father figure. Luckily, also thanks to Zeynep’s help, the Judge recognizes the good faith of the mechanic and exonerates him from any accusation. Mehdi is therefore released from prison and Zeynep surprises him, making an unprecedented request: to help Kibrit them they will have to stay married and start the paperwork for the assignment request. Karaca, although shocked by his wife’s decision, will take the opportunity to get closer and to help his very young mechanical assistant. While Zeliha and Sakine will be happy of the decision, the two fathers of Gosku will show themselves decidedly annoyed.

Previews My Home My Destiny: Ekrem traitor, Mehdi in shock

While Zeliha and Sakine will seem happy with Zeynep and Mehdi’s decision, given that in this way the children will remain married and will not dishonor the family with a divorce, Ekrem and Nermin will strongly oppose trying to reason with their adopted daughter. This is how the segreto di Ekrem, which will shock Mehdi and lead him in turn to discover what the rich and powerful man is hiding. In the meantime, Zeynep and the Roe they act like two model newlyweds to get the social worker to entrust them Match. The visit that determines the success of their project, however, will be totally screwed up by Holiday that, again he will get drunk in broad daylight. The social worker, knowing that the minor will be living with this man who obviously has an alcohol problem – not to mention the episodes of violence that no one dares to name – will report the matter in the official custody file. As if she wasn’t enough, she will come into play at that moment Benal That, pregnant with Mehdiwill involve the unwitting Zeynep in an evil plan to get back the attentions of his former lover.

My Home My Destiny Advances: pregnant Benal, wants to go back with Mehdi

In new episodes of My Home My Destiny, Benal she will find out she is pregnant after a pregnancy test and the father is Mehdi. Karaca’s former lover is disconsolate and, although she knows that she is the reason for her separation, she will find herself leaning on Zeynep who – unaware of everything about her – will offer her a shoulder to cry on. Benal will tell Gosku that he wants to have an abortionand since the child is the result of a relationship with a married man and Zeynep, although upset, will agree to accompany her to the clinic so as not to leave her alone in such a delicate moment. Here, within minutes of her scraping, Zeynep he will confide in Benal and tell her about have not yet consummated the marriage with Mehdi rekindling in the lover the hope of being able to return to the good graces of Karaca. Thus, the woman will give up the operation and run back to the neighborhood, contacting the Mehdi’s sister to force her with blackmail to help her. What will Mehdi do when he finds out that his ex-lover is pregnant? One child could certainly change everything despite the mechanic having a strong feeling for Zeynep.

My Home My Destiny it’s going to happen from Monday to Friday on Canale5at ore 15.45.

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