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Il Collegio, Advances and News: when it starts, Cast and the rich cash prize

Il Collegio, Advances and News: when it starts, Cast and the rich cash prize

Let’s find out together the Advances on the new edition of Il Collegio, the Rai 2 docu-reality show: here is all the information on the cast and the news of the season.

Rai confirms the broadcast of the new season, the eighth to be exact, de The college. Let’s find out together novelty of this year, the cast which will see great returns to the delight of Rai 2 viewers, but also the introduction of cash prize for the most deserving student. Here are the details.

The College, all the news: Incredible previews

Come back in the fall The collegeon air Rai 2 in prime time with the eighth edition of the docu-reality show that enthralled many viewers. One of the great novelties of this edition of the program will be the Scholarship made available by the production for the most deserving student, who will be able to spend the money from the rich jackpot on a 6-month in-depth study course. An attractive reward for the young pupils of the programme, who perhaps this time will try harder and create less chaos.

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News also in the teaching staff with the return of the beloved professor Petolicchio who, after having participated in the latest edition of Beijing Express with former student Andrea di Piero, returns to the role of mathematics and science teacher and will not discount anyone. While the presence of the beloved professor of literature is the focus Andrea Maggithe presence of the principal is confirmed Bosisio who, however, this year will direct Il Collegio from a new location, the San Francesco College in Lodi. After having made several dives into the more distant past, the editorial staff of the Rai 2 docu-reality, this time the candidates to pass the exam will have to face the 2001.

A difficult year from a historical point of view, we remember the attack on the Twin Towers which shook the whole world and which had long-range consequences, not only because of the thousands of people who died during the crash of the two planes which destroyed the mega skyscrapers. 2001 is also the year of globalization with the advent of new technologies, the prelude to the social world. So, this time, the pupils will have a closer access key to deciphering the complexity of this historical period, but they will still have to make an effort if they want to be admitted to the exam and aim for the scholarship. According to the schedules, The Collegio will be broadcast for 6 evenings on Rai 2then giving way to the new edition of La Caserma.