Monday, February 26, 2024

Un Posto al Sole Anticipations, a sensational clue appears on social networks: Lara will end up in prison!

Un Posto al Sole Anticipations, a sensational clue appears on social networks: Lara will end up in prison!

The previews of Un Posto al Sole reveal that there will be an unexpected twist, which seems to be confirmed by a sensational clue on social media! Let’s see together what will happen in the episodes of the Rai3 Soap!

Give her Advances Of A Place in the Sun it’s yes a sensational clue published on social media we know that in the next episodes of the Soap Of Rai3 a twist will come that will leave fans breathless!

Un Posto al Sole Advances: Will Marina unmask Lara?

The latest episodes of Soap have focused on the thorny situation of Lara Martinelli and of his cunning deception against Roberto Ferri: the woman, in fact, pretending to have had little Tommaso from him, has circuited him and Roberto he couldn’t help but fall prey to her charms, voluntarily deciding to cheat Marina Giordano, with whom he had just gotten married. However, the dark lady of Palazzo Palladini, after a moment in which she seemed to have decided to lay down her weapons, sensed that her rival was up to something and she began to investigate with the help of her faithful housekeeper Silvana. Marina is getting closer to discovering the truth and that is that Tommy is Ida’s son and not of Lara is that Roberto it can’t be her father. There Giordanoin fact, is trying to gather evidence to unmask the Martinelli and fans of Soap they wonder if he will be able to make them pay before the summer break, scheduled for August 12-17, 2023.

Previews Un Posto al Sole: a clue on social media reveals the fate of one of the characters!

In addition to Advancesa clue has emerged from social media that it could finally shed light on Lara’s fate: it was to publish it on social networks Nina Giordanointerpreter of Marina, who posted a very particular photo in the stories on Instagram, which immediately attracted the attention of fans for its content. It deals with of a page from the script of A Place in the Suncarefully censored, it must be said, but which hides an invaluable clue. In fact, between the lines still visible, it can be noted that one of the scenes will be set in a prison! And, since it was published Nina Soldano, meaning this particular scene will definitely be about her character too! But who will be the one who will suffer this fate?

Plots and Previews A Place in the Sun: Will Lara end up in jail?

From the published photo it was also possible to establish when will this famous scene airsince it relates to bets from 6279 to 6290, therefore, if the calculations were correct, it would be an episode that we will see after the summer break, in exactly two months! And, since the scene will involve Marina it is probable that the dark lady of Palazzo Palladini could go to prison to visit someone: perhaps, finally, Will Lara be exposed and end up in jail? And, if, instead, it was really Marina to end up behind bars? Give her Advances we know nothing yet, except during the baptism of little Thomas the Jordan may decide to unmask Laraif he has gathered enough evidence. However, the Martinelli she is a smart woman and, with Ida’s help, she has already figured out that Marina is collecting evidence on her: and if, as a countermove, he manages to hatch a plan to send the Jordan in prison? To find out, we just have to wait for the next developments of the Soap.

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