Diana Del Bufalo confirms the Love Story with Patrizio then recalls Amici: ”I will never forget …”

Diana Del Bufalo, in turmoil for the new projects that see her as the protagonist, confesses that she is very much in love then recalls her participation in Amici di Maria De Filippi.

Sparkling and captivating, Diana Del Buffalo is undoubtedly one of the talents launched by Amici, Maria De Filippi’s successful talent show now in its twenty-third edition. Waiting to know the previews on the new edition of the Canale 5 program, the actress and singer reveals what she felt performing at the evening, to then confirm the love story with Patrick.

Diana Del Bufalo, what she thinks of her past to Amici

Protagonist of a new film Amazon Prime Video to be released in 2024 as well as the Cabaret theater show, Diana Del Buffalo he has been experiencing for several years an incredible popularity also given by the great consensus he collects for his television and film projects. Diana is loved, in fact, since the time of her participation in ad Amici where he stood out among the students of the tenth edition of talent show by Maria De Filippi. How can we forget, for example, the singer who dresses the roles of a modern Marilyn Monroe while she sings “Happy Birthday” to Rudy Zerbi. Interviewed by Super TV Guide, Diana thus commented on his experience in the program Channel 5

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“Friends it was a wonderful experience, I remember when I used to sing in the big theater in the evening and I sang with in-ear headphones, monitors, and I heard the whole orchestra and it was beautiful. For me it was my first experience, in terms of singing, television, everything. It was a unique emotion that I will never forget”.

Of the buffalo she admitted that she doesn’t feel very good at hosting, perhaps also because she has no particular interest in any of the programs currently on the air. At the moment, in fact, Diana prefers to think about cinema and she confides that she would like to get an action role because she likes to test herself and overcome her limits, and then she thinks about love with Patrician.

The actress confirms the love story and thus comments when asked where she sees herself in 10 years: “Well definitely with Patrick, I hope. I imagine myself happy and satisfied with life. Traveler, I would love to travel the world”. A rather firm answer that of Diana, who seems to be very much in love with her Patrick. She recently stayed with him in Formentera, dedicating a sweet thought to the days spent together in which she confesses that she is madly in love.

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