Chiara Ferragni, the dog Matilda died. Farewell on social media: “You were my first child”

The entrepreneur and influencer greeted her French bulldog with a long and moving post on Instagram.

The entrepreneur and influencer Clare Ferragni, greeted his French bulldog the house mascot Ferragnez, Matilda, with a long and moving post on Instagram.

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez greet Matilda, the French bulldog who made them fall in love

Matilda accompanied the last 13 years of the life of Chiara and everyone in the family, including the husband Fedez and children Leo and Victoriathey were very close to the dog.

Impossible to forget the rapper’s song together with J-Ax “I would like but I don’t post” in 2016 in which Fedez just mentioned the four-legged friend of the Ferragni and after which the influencer wanted to meet him, later becoming one of the most loved and followed couples in Italian showbiz.

“Everything I wanted to tell you I whispered in your ear these days, but you already knew everything anyway- wrote the influencer on Instagram – In these thirteen years together you have been my little girl and at the same time my friend ready to always keep me company and make me feel loved when I needed it most. It was enough for me to hug you and smell your perfume to feel at home because that’s exactly what you’ve always been: my family.” “And you’ve done even more, you’ve “created” what is our family: you were “Chiara Ferragni’s dog” from that song that introduced me to my father in 2016. Think about it if you hadn’t been my Matildona how could my life have been different? When I chose you, still a little girl, I never thought you would meet my children, and instead you were wonderful even in the role of “older sister”: you gave them the experience of unconditional love towards an animal that becomes a family. Yesterday, after having said goodbye for the last time I tried to explain to Leo that you had gone to heaven and you would always protect us from a little cloud up there. And he asked me how we could recognize the cloud so that we could always greet you too.”

“I hope I have made you live a good life and made you feel my love every day, because I have always felt yours. I will miss everything about you Mati, I will greet you every day on that little cloud. You will always be my first baby”

Also Fedez he wanted to say hello Matilda with an Instagram post:

“You have been part of our family and maybe something more. Unknowingly you were the reason why mom and I met, “Chiara Ferragni’s dog has a Vuitton bow tie” and so, almost for fun, you have always been at our side in these 7 years. You were with us when Leo was born, you were with us when Vittoria was born. You were us. Our last hug to our first child. Hi Mati, we miss you already “.

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