The Paradise of the Ladies, Previews: Adelaide has a secret child? That’s who it is

New shocking previews of the eighth season of Il Paradiso delle Signore, broadcast in September on Rai 1. It seems that the Countess Adelaide di Sant’Erasmo is hiding from everyone that she has had a child.

The eighth season of Ladies Paradiseand prepares to return broadcast on Rai 1 from Monday to Friday at the usual time, with some great news for all lovers of soap. According to Advancesin fact, the countess Adelaide of Sant’Erasmo she will find herself having to hide a huge secret, namely the fact that she is a mother. During the episodes, her former partner of Guarnieri will welcome hers son in Milan, it seems after hiding it for years from a dear relative in Switzerland: that’s who it is.

Adelaide’s secret revealed in the eighth season of Il Paradiso delle Signore

In the new season of Il Paradiso delle Signorethe Countess Adelaide of Sant’Erasmo she will try to protect a decidedly important secret that will bring her closer, albeit momentarily, to her rival Umberto Guarnieri. But what secret is it? According to Advances on the Rai 1 soapduring the episodes there will be well three new entries including Matteo Portelli, played by the young and charismatic Danilo D’Agostino. The character will soon be included in the plots and will be fundamental, it is rumored that it could even take the place of Vittorio Conti at the helm of the Milan department store, since the man will be focused on how to recover Matilde Frigerio, rescuing her from the clutches of Tancredi, rather than on the affairs of the atelier. But what does Matteo have to do with Adelaide’s dark secret? Let’s see together what will happen and why the new character will be so fundamental for the cunning countess.

Previews The Paradise of the Ladies: Adelaide has a child?

The Advances of Rai 1’s soap luck speak for themselves, the secret that Adelaide tender at first, the jealousy of guarding will be revealed and the countess will be unable to do anything. It seems that the secret lies in discovering that the di Sant’Erasmo has a son, kept hidden in Switzerland for many years so as not to involve him in her life. Just the sudden break that Adelaide will take to go to the neighboring country will make everyone suspicious, but the whole story will be clear when Adelaide’s son will leave Switzerland, where he probably lived together with a dear relative of his biological mother, to return to Milan and will want his mother to reveal her secret to everyone. And if so Matthew Portelli, new entry of the eighth season of Il Paradiso delle Signore, the son of Adelaide? After all, the actor has shown himself several times on the set together with Marcello Barbieri, his mother’s lover and adviser, which suggests that the young newcomer will ask for advice before making his move publicly by finding support in someone close to Adelaide.

Adealide and Umberto, secret revealed: Anticipations The Paradise of the Ladies

But it will really be the newcomer Matthew Portelli the secret son of Adealide, the one who forced the countess to hide him for years in Switzerland waiting for things to calm down? Actually, as he revealed Roberto Farnesi in a recent interview on the set of soap in Rai 1, Umberto Guarnieri e Adelaide they will have to face the unexpected revelation together, which will completely shock the owner of Galleria Milano Moda. “The countess never shared this with him, which is a big thing. Adelaide’s secret will leave Umberto with a bad taste in his mouth“, declared Farnesi revealing that Adelaide will reveal to him that she had a daughter from him. It is possible, therefore, that the newcomer wins the heart of her never known father and becomes a stylist in the fashion warehouse that she would like to tear up in competition Il Paradiso: after all, it seems that Matilde Frigerio will remain very little in the pay of her husband Tancredi, preferring love for Vittorio Conti and even Flora Gentile Ravasi could get tired of Guarnieri and his secrets, especially those shared with his former stepmother

Who all and news of Ladies Paradisethe Soap in onda are Rai1.

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