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Men and Women, Giorgia Lucini and Federico Loschi in crisis? The tearful outburst of the former suitor

Men and Women, Giorgia Lucini and Federico Loschi in crisis?  The tearful outburst of the former suitor

The former couple of Men and Women formed by Giorgia Lucini and Federico Loschi would seem to be in a strong crisis, at least judging by the bitter outburst of the former suitor. Here’s what happened.

A well-known pair of Men and womenthe hugely popular dating show by Canale5 conducted by Maria De Filippiit would seem to be in a strong crisis: we are talking about Giorgia Lucini e Frederick Loschi.

Men and Women, Giorgia Lucini and Federico Loschi in crisis? The bitter outburst of the former suitor

The former suitor of Men and women she showed herself on social media very tried and not at all serene: the fault of a profound crisis that affected her and Frederick Loschi. Fans have noticed a worrying increase in ambiguous messages, which hinted that there was an air of conflict between the two lovers. In particular, Lucini he has posted several screenshots and motivational messages in his stories, from which it is clear that the period he is going through is not serene at all.

In particular, in his stories he has published messages such as:

“Treat yourselves as at the beginning, so there will be no end. (…) You promised yourself the sea, don’t be satisfied with the drops”

Finally, the same Lucini she was the protagonist of an outburst on social media, showing herself with a filter to mask the tiredness:

“Look, I’m putting on the teddy bear filter so we can lighten everything up. I haven’t slept practically for days, I eat little and I don’t feel so well. I don’t know if it was perceived a little from social media, because I often talk to you, I like to tell myself. Anyone who has been following me for years has seen that there are changes in my way of talking about myself on social media in this last period. It’s not an easy time, for ninete. And I can’t pretend, even if it would be enough to wear a mask, in this period I can’t take it. So, it’s like this, there’s nothing serious, they’re fucking problems that can be solved easily. But all things happen to you at the same time and no matter how strong you are, then there are moments where you say ‘Now, I give in, I’ll just throw it all away’.”

Lucini he continued, thus justifying his absence from social media and revealing that this sense of tiredness and impotence he feels seems to be quite common, so much so that he has also found it in his colleagues and peers. The former suitor admitted that she was unable to recover and that, at this moment, she would just like a moment for herself, to be more serene. According to some of the fans, this outburst would have a more personal nature, linked to the emotionality of the former suitor, while there are those who argue that it is only the tip of the iceberg of a strong crisis with Loschi. Certainly not the first, since the two have already left on another occasion. And, to fuel the hypothesis that things are not going well between them, the latest Ig story by Luciniin which you see a photo of one of their children – the couple have two, Riccardo and Tommado, born in 2019 and 2021 – with the caption: “Luckily you are here”.

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