Matteo Paolillo inflames the Giffoni Film Festival: Our video interview with the Mare Fuori actor

We met Matteo Paolillo, beloved interpreter of Edoardo Conte in Mare Fuori: the success of the series, the music, the future projects. Here’s what he told us in this exclusive video interview.

Actor, songwriter, artist with clear ideas who left Salerno at the age of 18 and moved to Rome to pursue his greatest dream. And there is no doubt that Matthew Paulillo succeeded, since the Giffoni Film Festival gave him a real star welcome. In a packed Sala Truffaut met the young jurors of the festival talking about his character in Sea Out, Edoardo Conte, and his experience in the series that has become a pop phenomenon. We of we met him for aexclusive video interview and we asked him when he realized that Sea Out and his character could have a real impact on society and how he divides himself between his two passions, acting and music. After important stages such as that of May Day and that of Love MI, the most prestigious stage of all could also arrive, that is, that of the festival of San Remo?

Matteo Paolillo: An artistic journey between TV and music

Born in Salerno in 1995, Matteo Paolillo said he had cultivated a passion for acting since he was 13 years old. “It was different before. I started studying acting at Salerno, but I knew that to continue on this path I would have had to go to Rome. Campania and Naples then weren’t yet going through the golden age for cinema and TV. Now, however, the distances have shortened”, said the actor speaking of his beginnings. He arrived on TV in 2016 and, in parallel, he approached the world of music by founding the Suba Crew in 2017 and taking the name of Icarus for his musical project.

The success of Sea Out has definitely turned his life upside down even though he is sure he would have continued on this path even if his career as an actor and songwriter hadn’t taken off. Truffaut tried to show the boys who hide behind the character of Edoardo to the boys in Sala Truffaut. “What did Edoardo leave in Matteo and vice versa?” asked a giffoner. “Edoardo has given me the opportunity to grow and to be interested in topics never known before, he has opened me up to sensitivity towards many topics of the new generation and then it left me with hope: to see how so many people who have had a difficult life change then. I left my voice, my body and my soul to him”, his answer. The most difficult challenge? Working on a character full of contradictions and who is not only black or white. “Edoardo gave me the opportunity to working on that, he had to bring out his meanness and he had to repress his sensitivity,” he reflected.

Future projects

Meanwhile, filming continues for Paolillo Sea Out 4 (which will arrive at February 2024 on RaiPlay) while also preparing a tour to carry around his musical project. “I would like to continue to tell about characters but at the same time tell about myself and what is around me with music. What do I want most from life? To continue working with what I like best, acting, singing and surrounding myself with people who they love for who I am and not for who I have become, that they love essence and not material things,” concluded the actor.

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