Martin Scorsese joker like you’ve never seen in a video that his daughter Francesca posts on Tiktok

Martin Scorsese’s youngest daughter, who is called Francesca and is 29 years old, enjoyed sharing a 30-second montage on TikTok in which the director, in a loving dad version, laughs and makes faces.

That Martin Scorsese he was a silhouette we already knew, even if in the interviews, although he smiled frequently, he was above all professional and generous in his answers. Those who worked with him, especially at the beginning of his career, however, said they had a blast, and if anyone still doesn’t believe it, a video has arrived on TikTok, shared by the daughter of Martywhich is clear proof of this.

Francesca Scorsese posted a montage of moments when Martin Scorsese says the dad, revealing his so-called domestic side. Fathers usually adore their little girls, and the images we can’t share tell it very well.

The fabulous video of Martin Scorsese being a nutty dad

Scorsese has three daughters and Francesca, who is 29, is the youngest and is an actress and writer. Her video of her adorable parent is part of a trend of posting 30-second images on TikTok to introduce a person. In the caption under the edited we read: “He is a certified joker”, and we are happy to note that in the daily life and off the set of the director of Taxi Driver there are several four-legged friends. Tiktokers liked the video, and someone asked to adopt Scorsese as a grandfather. Others just loved seeing it in a fun new guise.

The last end of Martin Scorsese And Killers of the Flower Moonwhich brings together his fetish actors Robert De Niro e Leonardo DiCaprio and was presented out of competition at the Cannes Film Festival. The theatrical release is scheduled for October 19th.

@francescascorsese He’s a certified silly goose. 🥹🤍#CapCut #fyp #trailer #martinscorsese #scorsese #bestdad #bestdadever #sillygoose ♬ Candy (edit) – Robbie Williams

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