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Another tomorrow July 28, 2023: Julia discovers that Graciela is Mario

Another tomorrow July 28, 2023: Julia discovers that Graciela is Mario

Another tomorrow, Patricia dies?

Patricia dies in Another tomorrow? This is what viewers who are following the Spanish soap are asking themselves of Lives broadcast every day by Canale 5. In the episodes broadcast these days, Carmen revealed her suspicions about Patricia’s involvement in Ines’ death to her father Don Francisco. After his mother passes out while at the factory, Angel tries to get a confession out of her with an ingenious ruse: he too thinks she may be involved in Ines’ death.

Things go wrong: Patricia is about to die in front of Angel, impassive because he is convinced that his mother is pretending. Carmen helps Patricia, saving her life, but also making Francisco worry about her health and arrange for her to stay in the house with them until she gets better. For those who want to know what will happen to Patricia in the next episodes of the Spanish soap opera, we can confirm that no, Patricia will not die.

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Her character is central to the plots of the soap and is to all intents and purposes the “villain” who holds court in Rio Muni. In the episodes aired in August 2023 we will witness how both Carmen and Angel will increasingly begin to suspect Patricia for the death of Donna Inés. The situation will become even more complicated when Enoa discovers the weapon with which Inés was killed. The circle on Patricia will gradually begin to tighten more and more: the more the woman feels hunted down, the more she will prove ready to do anything to save her reputation (and her skin).

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Patricia will come to confess the death of Inés, and for Ángel the most difficult moment will arrive when – together with Francisco – he will deliver Patricia to the colonial guard so that she will be arrested and tried for her crimes. Patricia does not die in another tomorrow, but she will be forced to pay for the crime she committed.