Amara Land, Advances and Turkish Plots: Zuleyha leaves Yilmaz, the man kidnapped Adnan

Let’s discover together the previews of the new episodes of Terra Amara, the Turkish soap broadcast on Canale 5. Yilmaz kidnaps Adnan, Zuleyha leaves him stunned.

In new episodes of Terra Amarathe soap Turkish broadcast on Channel 5, Yilmaz he will show himself decidedly furious at the public discourse that Iron he held onto the authorship of Adnan. The Advances reveal to us that Akkaya, driven by anger over the rumors that have spread like wildfire in Cukurova, will commit an absurd act that will Zuleyha to end their relationship immediately. Let’s find out in detail what the plots reveal.

Yilmaz furious with Demir in new episodes of Terra Amara

Demir gave a public speech about Adnan’s fatherhoodrevealing to all Cukurova that the child is the biological child of Yilmaz but revealing a half-truth, telling the story in order to hide its abuses. The Yaman’s move infuriates Yilmaz in an incredible way who, taking advantage of the chaos of the press conference and the distraction of all those present, he will join Adnan in the room and ask him to go away with himthe. The child, who adores the Akkaya, will accept it willingly and will follow it out of the house away from prying eyes. Only Second she will notice what happened but the maid will not reveal anything as she fears being fired by the Yaman for not having stopped Yilmaz, supported by her husband Gaffer who asks her not to risk her job.

Advances Amara land: Yilmaz kidnaps Adnan

Annoyed by the words of Demir, who totally invented part of the story of his marriage with Zuleyha, avoiding publicly recounting the abuses that the woman had to suffer, forced to marry him, Yilmaz makes a crazy gesture. L’Akkaya rapisce Adnanleaving alone Second as a silent witness. When everyone realizes what has happened, Demir will lash out at Gulten believing that the woman has withheld valuable information about Yilmaz, and kicking her off the estate for being an accomplice of the enemy. In the meantime, Zuleyha she will have a panic attack, believing that Yilmaz intends to take Adnan away from her again, now that she has been able to hug him again after Demir had hidden him for a long time. The Advances of Terra Amarahowever, they reveal to us that the epilogue of the story will be quite different.

Terra Amara Advances: Zuleyha leaves Yilmaz

After a day spent with the son, Yilmaz brings Adnan home as if nothing had happened, finding Zuleyha more furious than ever. The woman would never have expected that the very man for whom she questioned her entire life would take her child away from her without the slightest regard for her. Reminding Akkaya of all the times she had her children taken away from Demir, she Zuleyha will lash out at her boyfriend and accuse him of having no respect, ending the relationship with him. Yilmaz’s apologies will be useless, who will defend himself by declaring that he simply wanted to spend a day with his son Adnan: the damage is done and Altun will not go back. As if that weren’t enough, Yilmaz will also have to face the heavy accusations of his wife Muggan who will declare that she is tired of Zuleyha’s constant meddling in their lives, since every time she is involved, her role as wife is publicly ridiculed.

Bitter land it goes on air Canale 5 from Monday to Saturday at 2.10pm.

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