7 TV series to watch that (maybe) you’ve never heard of

The serial world is an ocean full of fish that are impossible to notice in their singularity. Each of these has its own color, but tends to blend into the abyss of a backdrop so vast as to be frightening. For this reason, we often remain afloat, next to everything we already know. They are titles characterized by a strong quality and a unique talent of their kind: they know how to obscure everything that gravitates around us. But now, you’ll agree, it’s time to stop being so selective, and to open ourselves to the serial world in all its totality, capturing any of its nuances. All it takes is a little patience to understand how many wonderful fish swim inside. We know how complex this is: you always hear the same titles around, and looking for something new is often complicated, but this is where we come in. Every Friday evening, in fact, we will entertain you with a column che will advise you of the TV series to see of which, perhaps, you’ve never heard of, that you don’t remember or that I’ve only seen. So take pen and paper, and get ready to start a journey into a seriality that has been too often hidden and mistreated.

From School Spirits to Heels: here are 7 TV series to watch that (maybe) you’ve never heard of

1) Copenhagen Cowboy

Copenhagen Cowboy
Copenhagen Cowboy (640×360)

Copenhagen Cowboy is one of the Netflix gems that has gone unnoticed the most. Thanks to the total absence of sponsorship, the series signed by Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive, The Neon Demon, Pusher) has remained in the general silence of the platform even now that several months have passed since its distribution. Anyone who loves the cinema of Lars Von Trier and Lanthimos would also probably love this production it brings into the platform independent cinema. The noir thriller we are about to tell you about actually tells the story of a heroine who moves in a Denmark with an almost suffocating, distressing atmosphere, made up of warm colors and the director’s typical sophistication. Copenhagen Cowboy is everything that no one had ever seen in the panorama of TV series, and probably this thing can terrify anyone who is faced with such an evident change. However, trying to give it a chance will finally give you a different experience that you absolutely shouldn’t deprive yourself of.

2) Fatal Attraction

Fatal Attraction (640×360)

Re-adaptation of the homonymous film Con Micheal Douglas e Glenn Close, Fatal Attraction is available on Paramount+, but very few know this. On the notes of a drama-thriller, the series tells in a modern key the story of an attraction that will upset the lives of the protagonists and that will lead us to face numerous truths that will focus on different time frames. Directed by the same director of Dirty Johnthe series features a not bad cast that sees names like Joshua Jackson, Lizzy Caplan, Amanda Peet and many others. Suspense, drama and thriller are here ready to merge to give us back a serial remake that could be of interest to anyone who loved the iconic film.

3) Physical

Physical (640×360)

Consisting of two seasons and renewed for a third, Physical is one of the most unknown Apple TV+ TV series on the platform. With a Rose Byrne who engages in a new experience after the horror saga Insidious, the series tells the story of the rebirth of a woman who begins to question herself. Always indifferent to the world of sport, Sheila discovers the world of aerobics and with it the world she hid inside. The protagonist learns to question herself, to go beyond her limits and her usual social circle. Questioning herself and facing a new experience will finally lead her to evolve, giving life to a path that will help her believe in herself. Finally, once and for all.

4) School Spirits

School Spirits (640×360)

Available on Paramount+, School Spirits is a TV series that mixes the teen drama genre with the thriller genre by staging a mystery that could satisfy your tastes. At the center of the story we find in fact Maddie, a teenager stranded in the afterlife. After his death she was trapped in the school, but the point is, she has no idea how she lost her life. Her body is still missing and the whole school wonders what happened to her. The only one who knows she’s really dead is her best friend, the only person who can see Maddie’s ghost. What happened to the protagonist of this story? Why does the professor seem to be hiding something? All the answers await you within this interesting TV series to watch.

5) Servant

Servant (640×360)

Available on the Apple TV+ platform, Servant is the horror TV series you probably want to know about. Starring Rupert Grint, Lauren Ambrose and Toby Kebbell, the series tells the dramatic story of a family who find themselves having to mourn the loss of their first daughter, still an infant. To try to get over the griefDorothy and Sean decide to buy a doll that really looks like a newborn baby. Dorothy seems totally convinced that the toy is really her daughter and for this reason she hires a nanny, Leanne, who can take care of him. From the very first moment Leanne appears to have sinister intentions and shifty behavior that will alarm both Sean and Julian. Secrets are about to come out, and the home has never been safer than this. Among the various horror productions of recent times, Servant is certainly one of the TV series to be seen absolutely.

6) Power Book II – Ghost

Power Book II – Ghost (640×360)

Released in 2020, Power Book II – Ghost is the spin off of the Power series. Set after the events of the series finale of the latter, the series tells the story of the new life of the young St. Patrick, now torn between the desire for a new life and the bad illness of his mother who forces him, in order to help her in the treatments, to return to the criminal world. The protagonist thus finds himself facing several difficult moments in which he has to deal with his mother’s health, his own future, the danger of the criminal world but also his private life. Power Book II — Ghost isn’t going to skimp on anything, and giving it a chance might be a great idea for anyone who’s seen Power.

7) Heels

Heels (640×360)

We now conclude this journey in the world of TV series to watch little chats with Heels, a production still in progress that tells a story that puts the whole wrestling at the center. Set in a Georgia community, the series tells the story of a family-run wrestling federation where two brothers usually fight to decree which of the two will be able to follow in their father’s footsteps. When they are in the ring they play two very different characters in which we find the good guy and the bad guy, but outside the ring the situation changes. The danger and the drama of the difficulties will in fact put the two brothers in crisis, che may find themselves not so strong in the real-life world where punches solve nothing and battles do not decree winners.

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