What time does Mare Fuori 3 come out on Netflix?

What time does Mare Fuori 3 come out on Netflix?

You are wondering what time it comes out Sea Outside 3 are Netflix? Continue reading this article to find out all the information. The third season of the television series, after enjoying enormous popularity on TV, arrives on the streaming platform: the 12 episodes are available from July 26, 2023.

The Italian television series tells the story of some Boys which, after entering theIPM of Naples, have the opportunity to grow, fall in love and change. In the cast from season 3 we find, among others, Carolina Crescentini, Carmine Recano, Lucrezia Guidone, Valentina Romani, Nicolas Maupas, Massimiliano Caiazzo, Giacomo Giorgio, Artem, Domenico Cuomo and Matteo Paolillo.

Behind the camera we find Ivan Silvestrini (also known per Zero, Monolith e 2Night).

Mare Fuori 3, exit time

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The episodes of Sea Outside 3 are available on Netflix from hours 9:00 in the morning, as with almost every series distributed by the streaming giant. We remind you that, to watch all the content available on Netflix, you need to subscribe to a monthly subscription. THE plans available are the following (attention: prices may subsequently vary):

  • Base with advertising (€5.49 per month): watch on one supported device at a time in HD;
  • Base ($7.99 per month): Watch on one supported device at a time in HD;
  • Standard (12.99 euros per month): watch on 2 supported devices at a time in Full HD;
  • Premium (€17.99 per month): watch on 4 supported devices at a time in 4K+HDR.

Does Mare Fuori 3 come out at midnight?

Can’t wait to watch the new season? Sea Outside 3 comes out at 09:00, so you can’t start watching at midnight. In the meantime, you might want to watch previous episodes again to rediscover the story of these young people exploring friendship and dreams of a better future in juvenile detention. Other shows are also available on Netflix, including The color of Magnolias, Dark, Black Mirror, Squid Game etc.

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