Temptation Island, Mirko leaves Perla at the confrontation bonfire and runs to the single Greta for whom he has lost his mind

After almost five years of relationship, Mirko decides to leave Perla, probably by now too involved in meeting the temptress Greta: the fifth episode of Tempation Island shows a decidedly bitter side of love.

The fifth installment of Tempation Island focused mainly on the couple formed by Mirko and Pearl that after the bonfire by comparison they left the program separately after five years of engagement.

The story between Mirko and Perla.

Perla25 years old, born and raised in Salerno, she moved to Rieti for about three years with Mirko, 26 years, who works in the family chain of pizza by the slice. Engaged for five years, a Temptation Island Perla wrote because, out of love for Mirko, she moved to Rieti, moving away from her city, her friends and her family, but she was no longer convinced of her choice, feeling unhappy. She dissatisfied with the life she leads with her Mirko she decided to participate to understand if Mirko is the right person to build a future with. Mirko, for her part, instead said he was sure he was doing everything to make his fiancée feel good and not make her feel the lack of her habits and affections. The problem for him was seeing a wall in front of him, as if whatever he did was never the right one. Mirko was determined to understand if Pearl’s choice to go and live with him was the right one or not.

During their participation in the village of feelings, both recriminated some behaviors which, over the course of the days, progressively pushed them away and pushed them into the arms of the temptresses (Greta) and tempters (Igor). But let’s go in order. Perla has often reiterated that she finds her boyfriend apathetic, dull, lacking in initiative, very focused on work and little on their relationship. Mirko, for his part, claimed to have shut down due to his too selfish and immature behavior and inclined to a lack of basic concreteness. What emerged was an abrupt change of course by the 26-year-old originally from Rieti who made it clear several times that his approach to Greta was not dictated by physical but mental involvement, feeling understood by the girl. The role of the single and not marginal seems central because it is hard to believe that if she hadn’t been there, the young man would have chosen to leave Greta with whom, until a few months ago, he wanted to get married. Mirko’s words addressed to Greta and their growing involvement could not have had a different epilogue: in fact, they had decidedly compromised by mutually addressing very significant declarations and promises. At the confrontation bonfire, Mirko and Perla both appeared much more rational than emotional, leaving very little space for the past and what they have lived together for five years. To freeze spirits in front of the flames of the fire, Mirko’s answer to Filippo Bisciglia’s question. “How do you feel about Pearl now?” she asks him. “Nothing,” he replies. It is the conductor himself who invites him to reflect more on these words. Indeed, it seems impossible that the boy, after five years, no longer feels anything for his girlfriend.

Pearl during her journey, she let herself go into many confidences with Igor, flirting with him several times and openly. However, unlike Mirko, Perla’s behavior did not seem to be dictated by a feeling for her singleness but by a desire for revenge against her boyfriend. In the bonfire everything becomes clearer. The girl would like to go out with Mirko but he is now too involved with Greta whom she joins shortly after. Over the weeks of their participation, she struggles to figure out which of them is wrong. The needle hangs from side to side rather equally. In the comparison bonfire, however, as mentioned, it is Pearl who suffers and does not want to end the relationship. However, it really seems too late because Mirko wants to experience Greta without holding back any more than her. The boy joins her, hugs her and whispers to her “You are special”. These seem to be the words that will open a new scenario between the two. Not only more words but also the desire to live theirs to the fullest irrepressible desire.

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