Big Brother Vip, Guendalina Tavassi thunders against Mediaset: “He killed them all”

Guendalina Tavassi has her say on the new editorial lines of Mediaset which foresee a distortion in the Big Brother reality show.

The Roman influencer, historical former protagonist of Big Brother (edition 11) and former castaway of the last edition of‘Island of the Famous, Guendalina Tavassi, chatting with his followers, he spoke of the hypothesis of his new entry into the House and of his experience in Honduras, together with his brother Edward which, in turn, was one of the protagonists of the latest edition ofl Gf Vip.

Big Brother, Guendalina Tavssi speaks: “I won’t do it, now then….what fun!”

“No guys, I won’t be playing Big Brother. Every year you ask me the same thing. Then from now on, if before there was a slightest chance, now he’s killed everyone, everyone. What fun!” he has declared Guenda tornado to talk about the company’s new editorial line Mediaset which is trying to give a new face to the reality show, trying to moderate as much as possible content that is vulgar or not strictly in line with the new directives.

“I couldn’t care less because honestly I have my job – continued Tavassi – I have fun with Instagram, I work on it. On television, if things arrive that I like, I do them, if they offer me things that I don’t like, I don’t do them. I’ve never been a fan of television, but of Big Brother, yes. It’s the only reality show I’d do again, but I don’t think there’s more room for trashy influencers and characters, come on. Let’s call ourselves trashy, but what the hell do we care, it’s nice trash.”

About the experience all‘Island of the Famous, Gwendolyn he has declared:

“No guys, I would never do it again, not at all. Except that no one remembers that I had already done Isola in Rai, after Big Brother. And already there I promised myself never to do it again for any reason and instead I went back to it. But it’s really a terrible experience. Afterwards, it’s true that you’re even more grateful to all the things you take for granted like a bed, a roof, food, but guys it’s really heavy but a lot. And then there’s Heart that would love to go instead. No come on, I actually asked him but he said no.”

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