Mare Fuori 4: Giacomo Giorgio returns to the set and dreams of a spin-off on Ciro

The interpreter of Ciro Ricci is on the highly armored set of the fourth season of the successful series, but we will soon see him in other highly anticipated television projects.

Sea Out 4 can count on one of the most loved protagonists. James Georgewhich he plays in the Rai 2 prison drama Cyrus Ricci, this morning he returned to the set of the series that got his career off the ground. The actor, who just yesterday met with young fans and the press at Giffoni Film Festival, posted some stories on Instagram showing the unmistakable necklace with the cross of Cyrus. The mystery remains about the fate of his character who some believe is still alive, even though he technically lost his life in the season one finale. While the rumors are chasing each other (there are those who swear that Ciro in the fourth season will not return only in flashbacks, but for now they are only theories), Giacomo Giorgio admitted that Ciro is the character he preferred to play; so much so that he hopes a spin-off about him will arrive sooner or later.

Mare Fuori: A spin-off on Ciro? Giacomo Giorgio’s answer

Giacomo Giorgio spoke to the young jurors of the Giffoni Festival about his past, present and future projects. About Ciro Ricci he said: “I’ve always wanted to make a super villain and I’d like to do a spin-off only on him, explore him. Because he’s so beautiful and three-dimensional that there would certainly be something to say”.

Giacomo Giorgio’s next projects

Sea Out launched the career of Giacomo Giorgio who we will see in other highly anticipated TV series in the coming months. In the series For Elisawho will tell the case of Elisa Claps, will play Elisa’s brother. “Playing a real person and not a fictional character was very difficult,” said the actor given the sensitivity of the subject. In the series co-produced by Rai and Prime Video We are legend (coming Oct. 4) will play a boy who discovers he has superpowers. She assures that the way he will make this incredible discovery, however, is absolutely original and that the interpretation of the series will be different and original. Also, we will see it in Saraadaptation of Maurizio De Giovanni’s book for Netflix alongside Teresa Saponangelo and in the new season of Doc – In your hands

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