Vanessa Incontrada admits, ”I would like another child”: but wasn’t it over with Rossano Laurini? Here’s what happens

After a year of silence, thanks to the interview granted to Diletta Leotta in the podcast dedicated to mothers, Vanessa Incontrada talks about her love life.

Vanessa Incontrada is single? The Spanish presenter finally breaks the silence on her private life and her crisis with her partner Rossano Laurini. Invited to talk about pregnancy and children in the podcast Mamma Dilettante, a fun and brilliant idea by Diletta Leotta in view of the arrival of her baby, Vanessa went out of balance and made important revelations.

Vanessa Incontrada, it’s love with Rossano Laurini

It was 2022 when the magazine Diva e Donna announced firmly the definitive farewell between Vanessa Incontrada and her partner Rossano Laurini after more than fifteen years of love, from which their only son Isal was born. The beautiful Iberian presenter is very jealous of her private life and she has never gone too far, revealing in a subsequent interview that she is experiencing a couple crisis without going into details. It seemed, therefore, that the crisis had turned into one definitive break, especially when Vanessa stopped posting shots with the whole family or photos with Laurini on Instagram. A love, theirs, decidedly overwhelming that made her a mother in a hurry as she tells her Incontrada in the podcast Mamma Dilettante, hosted by a very pregnant Diletta Leotta. During the interview granted to the sports journalist, she Vanessa confides that she was very scared when the pregnancy test marked her positivity, although she is certain that she would have liked to have a child with Rossano.

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“I have always had a strong maternal instinct. I met my husband in August and by November I was pregnant. We made up our minds and the first time it happened. Isal is 15 years old, so we’ve been together for 15-16 years, even if the birth of a child changes some things. I’d really like to have another one, now let’s see what happens because it wasn’t physically easy for me”.

Talking about the future prospects, remembering a pregnancy very difficult which left her physically but also mentally tested, Vanessa admitted to being still romantically linked to Rossano and therefore denied the gossip that wanted them definitely away from each other. Evidently the crisis has subsided and the couple has found a new balance, following the “transformation” long awaited as the presenter herself confided to the microphones of Vainty Fair.

And in fact, needless to say, come on Instagram return the foto with Rossano and Isathere, with a sweet dedication from Incontrada who is very happy with her beautiful family. Who knows if, in light of the confidences about Leotta’s fears but also about future wishes, the couple will decide to expand the family welcoming a second childor. Of course, he admits Meetthis time it would take all the time in the world to enjoy the little baby not repeating what happened with Isal, given that a month after giving birth he was already on the Zelig stage.

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