Actors and screenwriters strike, what are the consequences for cinema and TV series

Actors and screenwriters strike, what are the consequences for cinema and TV series

After WGA of the screenwriters, even the actors of Hollywood they took to the streets to support the strike against the production houses.

Defined double strike, the ongoing strike in the United States could have important consequences for the future of the entertainment industry for the next few years. Before talking about what is to come, many wondered what the reasons for this strike are.

Why do screenwriters go on strike?

The first steps were taken by the union of screenwriters, the Writers Guild of America (WGA), in supporting better contractual conditions. The refusal response from the majors and streaming platforms has sparked a protest reaction. This has been crippling the entire Hollywood writers department for months. One of the points on which the WGA specifically requested is the economic model dedicated to occasional work. Without guarantees for the writers.

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Furthermore, the union accuses that with the advent of streaming platforms, salaries and personnel have decreased, without justification. Scores of writers today live lives on increasingly precarious pay. Finally, the advent of Artificial Intelligence further undermined this relationship. According to the strikers, the majors they could start using AI to not only replace screenwriters, but actors as well.

The two parties to the dispute are precisely the WGA for screenwriters and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producersfor the majors, who have been at odds since 2 May 2023 without having reached an agreement. The consequences would affect the productions of films and TV series in progress and even postpone products whose date has already been announced.

Actors also go on strike

“What’s happening here matters because what’s happening to us is happening across all fields of work, when employers make Wall Street and greed their priority and forget the essential contributors that make the machine work.” Since July 13, actors who are members of the union have also taken to the streets to strike Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (Sag-Aftra). 160,000 show business workers, led by the iconic actress for her role in the sitcom At dad’s, Fran Drescher. His speech has already gone down in history.

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An accession by many well-known faces of Hollywood who demand fair pay and demand regulation of the use of Artificial Intelligence.

To the members of the Case-Aftra has been ordered to stop all work connected to the productions, including i red carpet and the promotion of their work on social media. The premiere Londoner of Oppenheimer Of Christopher Nolan was brought forward by an hour to avoid the start of the strike, with the cast leaving during the film as per the official announcement. The risk is now aimed at the film festivals scheduled in the coming months, above all Venice Film Festivalwithout movies hollywood, the interest of the public and the press would be decidedly reduced. By now, it is evident that the power of American entertainment affects the global one.

What are the effects of the strike on TV series and films?

According to managing director-property and casuality of the company of brokerage NFP, Ross Garner, the strike could cost eight billion dollars. In 2007-2008 alone, screenwriters went on strike for three months causing a loss of two billion to the industry.

To feel the pinch of the strike is also the public, which is denied the possibility of having entertainment products. Among the most important film titles, they would risk slippage: Il Gladiatore 2, Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning parte seconda, Deadpool 3, Beetlejuice 2, Venom 3. I’m not at risk series like House of the Dragonil prequel of the Sword throneand, because they are made by British actors who are members of their national trade union.

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