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Secret Invasion 1X05 – A personal matter

Secret Invasion 1X05 - A personal matter

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Secret Invasion 1×05 and previous installments of the Disney+ series

We have now reached the gates of the grand finale of the Marvel series, which just in view of the last corner slows down abruptly and gives us an episode that, in many respects, is quite disappointing. Until now we had become accustomed to the frantic and pressing pace of Disney+ production, but Secret Invasion 1×05 is instead an episode with few gasps, which provides some background elements and paves the way for the ending, but which actually brings little to the narrative and for this reason leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. We have the certainty of Talos’ death, as we had imagined last week, and we see G’iah come to terms with the loss of him, while Fury, increasingly isolated, prepares for the final confrontation with Gravik.

We were at the gates of a world war and there we remain, with the leader of the Skrulls ready to do anything to get the better of it. Secret Invasion 1 × 05, as mentioned, does not shift the balance very much, but highlights even more some aspects, such as Gravik’s anger or Fury’s suffering, the two great opposites of this narrative. For this reason, rather than on what happens in the episode, it is good to think about some of them this week joints most conceptual of the series, which she took a moment to reflect, when perhaps it wasn’t the case, taking a deep breath before the grand finale.

Secret Invasion 1×05 – The battle of Fury

The focus of the series is mainly on Nick Fury and in Secret Invasion 1×05 we finally discover some background on the former leader of the Shield and his motivations in this battle. Particularly significant is the passage in which Sonya asks him why she hadn’t called him together Avengers to face this danger and Nick replies that he didn’t because this fight is one for him personal matter. He introduced, protected and exploited the Skrulls, fell in love with one of them, supported their old leader and, in fact, created the threat Gravik. Fury caused all this and Fury now has to solve the problem: in reality, the explanation, from a pragmatic point of view, is not very convincing, also because it seems unlikely that, given the global scope of events, any Avenger, even of his own will, decides in intervening, but from a conceptual point of view the explanation of the protagonist played by Samuel L. Jackson is certainly fitting and significant.

Between Gravik and Fury it is a personal matter: we understood it from the very beginning and, over the weeks, their feud has become more and more intense. The episode finale, with the dressing at the Scandinavian cemetery, is a very emotional passage, which seals the strength of a great character, who is probably starting his last dance in the Marvel universe. Ultimately, everything comes back to Fury: he has gathered the Avengers to save the Earth, now he, for the same reason, does without them, crowning a fight that for Nick hasn’t lasted for five weeks, but now for fifteen years. This is, par excellence, the battaglia the Fury e Secret Invasion 1×05 took a moment to point that out.

Secret Invasion 1x05
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Secret Invasion 1×05 – The rage of Gravik and the strength of Sonya

If on the one hand we have Fury, the weight of his mistakes and his suffering, on the other we have Gravik, now a tyrannical and ruthless leader, completely intoxicated by his power. In Secret Invasion 1×05 we see the worst sides of the Skrull commander explode, who takes it out on his own people, sedates disagreements with violence and even plans a mass extermination of his people to get what he wants, namely the dna of the Avengers to create relentless Super Skrulls. There is no longer a shred of lucidity in Gravik, who is increasingly obsessed with his aims and objectives, so much so that by now it is not even clear which ideological beacon guides his actions. Gravik’s anger is the great counter to Fury’s suffering and the clash between them promises to be explosive in the season finale.

Secret Invasion 1 × 05 also had the great acclaim of showing us new glimpses of a great character, who unfortunately has had too little space so far. We are talking about Sonya Falsworththe MI6 agent masterfully played by a sumptuous Olivia Colman. Great absent last week, Sonya returns with her charge of cynicism and irony and shows, even in just a few passages, the enormous scope of her character. It is not clear whether we will see her again in other Marvel products, but if this were not the case, she will be able to erase her regret for not having given more space to one of the most successful characters of the MCU’s very recent past.

Towards the grand finale

We are, therefore, one step away from the grand finale, from the epilogue that promises to redraw the lines of the entire MCU. As with any Marvel production, too Secret Invasion it must be placed in a larger frame and at this point it is practically certain that the ending leads directly to The Marvels, next film scheduled for the House of Ideas and closely linked to the Disney + series. By virtue of this, evaluating Marvel products individually is very difficult and talking about the ending will be complex, but as far as possible we can certainly say that what we expect is an explosive ending, especially for the fate of Nick Fury. The character of Samuel L. Jackson has deserved a whole series of him, even if in reality he has been accompanied by several great interpreters, and is holding up the expectations of the eve, despite the slowdowns of the last episode.

We are probably facing another great watershed, a bit like it was recently for the third chapter of guardians of the galaxy, and in that sense the expectations for the finale of Secret Invasion they are very high. It would be important to close this adventure in the best possible way, both as the culmination of a TV series which, despite a moment of difficulty for the MCU, has been able to show many positive sides, and as a form of respect for a character like Nick Fury without whom, simply , the whole narrative universe of the last fifteen years would not have been there. Da Fury a Fury, let’s get ready for a decidedly intense finale of Secret Invasion.