My Home My Destiny Advances from 24 to 28 July 2023: Mehdi arrested for child exploitation!

Let’s find out together the previews of the episodes of My Home My Destiny, the new Canale5 afternoon soap, starring Demet Ozdemir. Here’s what will happen in the episodes airing July 24-28, 2023.

My Home my Destiny is the new Turkish soap from Canale 5, with protagonist Demet Ozdemir e Ibrahim Celikkolwhich they respectively impersonate Zeynep and Mehdiin a courageous love story and twists. Let’s find out together what will happen in the episodes that they will go aired from 24 to 28 July 2023at ore 15.40.

Episode of Monday 24 July 2023

calm tried to save Zeynep from a complicated situation, making it even worse. In fact, the woman told Mehdi that Faruk other is but the step brother of his bride and that he saw them arguing on their wedding day as Zeynep’s adoptive family is not enthusiastic about their hasty union. Mehdi, feeling he was wrong to exclude Nermin e Ekrem he apologizes to them and asks to organize a dinner to get to know each other better. Dinner that will prove disastrous as Zeynep keeps in her old bedroom the photo together with Farouk e her husband, passing by intrigued by the opportunity to discover the old life in that rich family, thus discovers the whole truth. There Goskameanwhile, is sadder and sadder thinking she didn’t make the right choice in getting married, and it’s a vale of tears homecoming.

Episode of Tuesday 25 July 2023

Shocked by what happened with Zeynep, Mehdi slept in the workshop while the wife has been besieged by mother-in-law and mother who want to convince her to settle things with her husband and consummate the marriage. calm she is sure she can save the marriage between the two and Sultan he gives her heart, scared of what would happen to his family if Zeliha would stop hosting them for free at their homes. In the meantime, Faruk he is increasingly determined to resume Zeynep and wants to make her an unprecedented proposal: the young man follows her on the bus, where she will not be able to escape from their confrontation and reveals that he has bought two tickets to London in hopes that she will leave and start fresh with him. While Zeynep is increasingly confused, despite the advice of her friend Emine who invites her to take back her life and not think about the men who crowd her right now, Mehdi vents to Kibrit and asks Nuh to reach Zeynep to give her the bus money, in doing so she will find out that a new meeting between his wife and Faroukand he will definitely not be happy about it.

Episode of Wednesday 26 July 2023

When Nuh tells Medhi what he saw, the mechanic realizes that there is nothing left for his marriage to do: Zeynep is still in love with Faruk, or at least that’s what he believes. Because of this, Medhi he immediately goes to his lawyer and requests, by virtue of the fact that it has never been consumed, that he come annulled the marriage with Zeynep, preparing the documents for her to sign that same evening. Meanwhile, Gosku experiences moments of inner crisis but also of strong tension when her current husband’s sister continues to target her and at her doorstep she meets Benal, Mehdi’s ex-lover whom he unceremoniously dumped and who will now dramatically return to their lives. Meanwhile, StAkine and Zeliha team up to try not to ruin the marriage. Mehdi asks Zeynep to sign the sheets to free both of them and she does so, then running to Farouk at the airport, much to the chagrin of the handsome mechanic, who hoped to be wrong about his wife.

Episode of Thursday 20 July 2023

Twist, the police burst into the repair shop after that Mehdi is officially a single man having got Zeynep to sign annulment papers, and lo arrested on child exploitation charges. In fact Nuh and Kiribit are still of school age and he gave them work in the workshop, but it’s not what the police think: Mehdi did it to keep them off the road as they are orphans. While the lawyer joins Mehdi in his cell and explains what he is accused of, Kiribit ends up in the foster home and she is terrified. Zeynep is confronted with Faruk and leaves him permanently, refusing to leave with him for London. Back home, the Goska she discovers what happened to Mehdi and immediately sets to work to help him, despite failing to overcome the conflicting feelings she has for the man and which push her not to visit them in prison.

Episode of Friday 21 July 2023

Thanks to the skill of the lawyer, Mehdi is released and Zeynep can breathe a sigh of relief. There Goska she followed the hearing closely after visiting Kiribati in the family home. The young girl was very offended with Zeynep, hoping that she would get her out of there, giving birth to a sense of guilt that will lead her to make an unexpected decision. In the meantime, Benal she has a delayed period and is sure she is PRECINCT by Mehdi. Since the marriage situation is still very complicated, however, Benal will try to get information from Zeynep herself, inviting her to have tea at her house. Meanwhile, the two families are increasingly willing to help the newlyweds mend their relationship and Nuh too has noticed that there is an obvious attraction between them, so much so that she organizes a playful evening to help them focus on their relationship.

My Home My Destiny it’s going to happen from Monday to Friday on Canale5at ore 15.40.

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