Barbie is at the cinema: Margot Robbie and her double role as actress and producer

Chatting with Collider, Margot Robbie explained how as a producer she “sold” the Barbie project, now at the cinema, to Warner Bros. And she swears she didn’t necessarily want to star in the film, even if director Greta Gerwig accepted no alternative.

It’s in Italian cinemas Barbie con Margot Robbie e Ryan Goslingwhich in the film of Greta Gerwig bring the myth to life doll and the equally essential Ken: interviewed by Collider, Margot explained how she lived the Work from two different points of view. Besides being there herothe entire project was initiated by her as producerwith the LuckyChap Entertainment co-founded with her husband Tom Ackerley.

Barbie, Margot Robbie: ‘I said he would make a billion dollars, I didn’t want to play him at all costs’

Margot Robbie explains how he approached the project of Barbie at first essentially like producer. In fact, it was she who introduced herself to the meetings with the majors to find i fundingalready presenting it as a film by Greta Gerwig. Margot explains the strategy that he had adopted to impress the managers: “My proposal was based on the fact that the studios made a lot of money when they were brave enough to pairing a great idea with a visionary director. (…) I gave some examples, like ‘the dinosaurs and Steven Spielberg‘, this, that. I was basically listing all the amazing stuff he’d had done a boatload of money to the studios over the years. ‘And now you have Barbie and Greta Gerwig!‘ I think I said he would like one billion dollarsI think that I exaggeratedbut did we have to make this film or not?”
It would be easy to imagine that the Warner Bros. Discoverywho eventually agreed to fund the project for 145 million dollarslet herself be convinced by the idea of ​​seeing at all she as Barbiebut Robbie explains that this is not the case, quite the contrary.

I didn’t want our director – Greta was my first choice, but she could also refuse – I didn’t want her to feel obliged to place me in the role. (…) I immediately set the record straight: ‘I won’t be offended one bit. We could take anyone. Any story you want to tell, I will support it. I’ve already got involved as a producer, I don’t have to get involved as an actress, I leave you free.’ But she: ‘And stop it, I want to write it for you!‘ And I’m like, ‘You feel compelled to say it, but maybe then…’ And we went on like this for a while. I finally accepted that she wanted me in the part, and that’s how she wrote it. He wrote it for me and for Ryanour names were on the script from the beginning: ‘Barbie – Margot, Ken – Ryan Gosling'”.

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