Monday, February 26, 2024
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The Vampire Diaries – The story of the arrest of the actresses of the cast (because of a misunderstanding)

The Vampire Diaries – La storia dell’arresto delle attrici del cast (per via di un malinteso)

The Vampire Diariesthe TV series inspired by Julie Plec’s novels, is one of the shows that accompanied us during our adolescence. The love triangle of Elena Gilbert, Damon and Stefan has set viewers’ hearts racing for eight thrilling seasons. Passionate loves, supernatural creatures and unexpected twists were the secrets that made this mystery TV series a real success. After it ended in 2017, the network has decided to continue the franchise with two spin-offs. The Originals focused on the Original Vampire family, while Legacies the stories were told by the students of the Salvatore College, which welcomes and educates young people from the supernatural world. The success of the spin-offs demonstrates how much the universe created by Julie I’m leaving continue to be loved. The Vampire Diaries launched several actors into show business, transforming Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder e Paul Wesley into world stars.

And speaking of the actresses in the cast of The Vampire Diaries today we tell you an absurd story that happened to Nina Dobrev and her colleagues.

Era on August 22, 2009 when several motorists from Monroe County to the state of Georgia report to the police the presence of some girls who were intent on “dangling from a bridge” and were showing their breasts from an overpass. The events had occurred on the Forsyth bridge and had been caught by Shields’ cameras. The police promptly went to the scene and arrested actresses Nina Dobrev, Candice King, Sara Canning, Kayla Ewell, actor Krystal Vayda and photographer Tyler Shields on charges of posing a safety hazard. The actresses had to spend a night in jail before being released the following day.

But what had happened? It had been a big misunderstanding: the actresses of The Vampire Diaries they were posing for a photo shoot to advertise the TV series that was being filmed in Georgia. However, their presence had alarmed the motorists who, not having recognized the actresses, had alerted the agents. The news soon reached the press, which exaggerated the story by reporting that the actresses had been arrested because their sexy clothing had risked distracting motorists. Kayla Ewell told Entertainment Weekly the truth about what happened: the actresses had stopped to take photos on the bridge, when the police approached and said they had received complaints from motorists. Vicki Donovan’s interpreter denied that she and the other actresses had ever shown their breasts: “We are not the kind of girls who show their breasts. In all honesty, my breast size isn’t necessarily something people would be interested in. It’s so ridiculous. I would never do that.” Eventually the production of The Vampire Diaries he paid a fine and thus resolved the situation.

If you feel nostalgic about the series and want to rewatch, we remind you that all seasons of The Vampire Diaries I’m on Netflix.