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Devil’s Advocate TV series: plot, cast and release

Devil's Advocate TV series: plot, cast and release

When is Devil’s Advocate coming out? July 13 on Netflix

Devil’s Advocate tv series is available to stream on Netflix dal July 13, 2023. This new television series is set in the Kuwait, a country in the Middle East on the Persian Gulf. The first season tells the story of a lawyer who decides to take on the case of a footballer accused of killing her wife.

Plot of Devil’s Advocate, what is it about?

What is the plot of the TV series? Bader is a famous sportsman who is accused of killing his wife: this news spreads throughout the country. The man will try to defend himself, but everyone is firmly convinced that he is the culprit. A determined one lawyer decides to take on this case.

Devil’s Advocate cast, actors and characters

Below you will find the cast of the first season of Devil’s Advocate.

  • Haya Abdel Salam;
  • Nouf Al Sultan;
  • Noor Al-Dulaimi;
  • Muhammad Al Dousari;
  • Nouf Al Sultan;
  • Sara Salah;
  • Lulua Abdel Salam;
  • Shaya Alshaya;
  • Ali Kakooli;
  • Eman Al Ali;
  • Hasan Ibrahim;
  • Abdulaziz Bahbany.

Episodes of Devil’s Advocate, how many there are

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The first season of the television series consists of 7 episodes. Behind the camera we find Essam Abdul Hameed (also known for The Washing Machine, Suits, El Saba Wassaya).

Devil’s Advocate streaming, where to see it?

Devil’s Advocate is available on Netflix, the video on demand platform. Users can watch episodes at any time of the day. We remind you that, to discover all the contents, viewers must subscribe to a subscription monthly. The plans currently available are as follows: “Basic with advertising” (5.49 euros per month), “Base” (7.99 euros per month), “Standard” (12.99 euros per month) and “Premium” ( 17.99 euros per month).

Despite the title, the television series Devil’s Advocate (2023) is not related to the film The devil’s advocate (1997, directed by Taylor Hackford), the thriller (based on the novel of the same name by Andrew Neiderman) with Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino.