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Defense Lawyer 2 – Lana Parrilla comments on the shocking twist

Defense Lawyer 2 - Lana Parrilla comments on the shocking twist

Defense attorney (in original The Lincoln Lawyer) is currently one of the most popular Netflix original series on the streaming platform. Based on the famous novels by Michael Connelly, starring the unusual and nonconformist lawyer Mickey Haller. The man practices his profession in a particular way and prepares several legal cases from the back seat of his Lincoln, moving through the streets of Los Angeles. The first part of the second season premiered July 6 on Netflix, surprising viewers with a new case full of twists. In the cast of the series are back Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Neve Campbell, Becki Newton, Jazz Raycole and Angus Simpson, but we also had a new entry that is holding more than one surprise. Lana Parrilla, a name that for addicted TV series is linked to the role of Regina Mills in Once Upon a Timeappeared in the first few episodes of Defense attorney 2. His character from the very first moment proved to be very interesting: Lisa Trammell, Mickey Haller’s new client, seemed to be hiding something behind her apparent perfection. The last episode of the first part of the season has, in fact, turned the cards on the table, giving viewers a real twist.

In an exclusive interview Lana Parrilla commented on the plot twist and revealed what we can expect from the new episodes of Defense attorney 2.

Warning: from now on the article contains spoilers on the second season of the TV series.

Lisa Trammell presented herself as an honest citizen who was willing to fight for her restaurant and other businesses in her area. Accused of the murder of her rival, Mitchell Bondurant, she said she was innocent and entrusted her defense to the nonconformist Los Angeles lawyer. However, in the last episode of the first part of the second season, the prosecution presented irrefutable evidence proving the woman’s guilt: the blood found on a glove, found at the crime scene, belongs to Lisa Trammell. So it was she who killed her rival? Lana Parrilla spoke about this unexpected twist in an interview with HILL. According to her, the public was wrong to trust her angelic image of her:

I think (Mickey) questioned her. There were some things about Lisa that were a little questionable. Whenever the subject of her ex-husband came up, it really was a sore subject. But who wants to talk about their ex-husband anyway? Not many people want to do that, especially if it ends badly.”

When the interviewer asked her if she thought Mickey Haller believed her character was innocent, Lana Grill amazed everyone. According to the actress, the protagonist had suspected from the very beginning that there was something murky behind Lisa’s charming smile. In fact, he said:

Since he represents her, it doesn’t matter if she’s innocent or guilty. He still has to do her job and represent her. But from his personal point of view, I think he wasn’t entirely sure about himself. Since their intimate relationship broke down, this probably led him to become more suspicious because there was no longer an underlying attraction affecting his perspective.

The first part of the second season of Defense attorney is currently available on Netflix. To watch the latest episodes of the original Netflix TV series we will have to wait for August 3 instead.