Ainett Stephens, revealed the real reason behind his departure from Il Mercante in Fiera: “Age has nothing to do with it!”

Behind the no of Rai and Pino Insegno to the return of Ainett Stephens in the new edition of Il Mercante in Fiera there would be a very specific reason. Let’s see the details together!

The controversy mounted around ad shows no sign of abating Ainett Stephens after the words of Pino I teach. The presenter, as revealed during the presentation of the Rai schedules for the next television season, will return to conducting a historic TV program, The Merchant at the Fairbut in announcing the novelties of the new edition, he became the protagonist of a shameful claim against the former Black Cat.

Ainett Stephens will not return to The Merchant at the Fair, but the real reason is another…

The former gieffina Ainett Stephens he covered in the editions de The Merchant at the Fair the role of the silent Black Cat, but for the new version that will air this fall, the showgirl has not been taken into consideration. The reason has been disclosed Pino I teachduring the presentation of the program, arriving to declare:

“Obviously, there will be the Black Cat, we are looking for her. Ainett has grown a bit, many years have passed. She remains an unforgettable icon of that programme”

The showgirl did not appreciate the ex-colleague’s words at all and thus responded with a video on social media, in which she highlighted the macho and retrograde attitude of I teachemphasizing how in our society there is still a double standard as regards work: a 40-year-old man is still considered in his prime, while in his case the 40-year-old has branded it – in the conductor’s vision – as “old”. Stephens he also demanded an apology, which however did not arrive. On the contrary, the colleague was keen to point out of didn’t say anything bad and that everything is calm between them.

However, according to a recent rumor released by, Ainett Stephens would not have been reconfirmed in the role of Black Cat for a reason that has nothing to do with age. According to the portal, the fault is to be attributed to the OnlyFans platform:

“Ainett’s age would not have inclined to exclude him, also because time has been more than kind. What would have made Rai’s top management turn up their noses is his activity on OnlyFans, a controversial social network in which content creators show themselves, often and willingly, in moments of intimacy. If we then add to this the reflections on the opportunity to keep that character as it was, we understand why Insegno and co. have opted for another decision. ( …) But there is more: in consideration of the role and the times, one would be opting to change the character’s name. No longer Black Cat, but simply Black Card.”

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