Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning, Tom Cruise tried to mediate for the strike of the actors, after the promotion of the film

According to Deadline, Tom Cruise would have held closed-door meetings with all parties involved in the actors’ and writers’ strike, committing himself as usual to the survival of the production dynamics. The Dead Reckoning promotion had already ended.

Deadline has come to know that Tom Cruisein the aftermath of the promotion of Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning – Parte Unohe was busy trying to mediate between the parties involved in the strike which is disrupting cinema and TV productions: he had talks with both actors union SAG-Aftra (who as we know later joined the strike of the Writers Guild of America), both with the “enemy”, theAlliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, AMPTP. Unfortunately, even he couldn’t avoid the worst, but it’s interesting to read about his moves.

Tom Cruise tried to mediate the confrontation that led to the strike

It wasn’t a matter of interest, at least not in the short term, because Tom Cruise had just concluded the promotion of Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning – Parte Unowhen he held talks with representatives of both theAMPTPboth of the SAG-Aftrato try to avoid the situation of open confrontation which is already crippling the film industry. On the other hand, Cruise has always been a supporter of the whole chain, as demonstrated by his recent unsolicited advertising support for competitive works, such as Indiana Jones and the Quadrant of Destiny, Barbie e Oppenheimer.
According to Deadline, at the trade association of major studios, theAlliance of Motion Picture and Television ProducersCruise would support all the concerns of the actors union SAG-Aftra for theindiscriminate use of AI in managing the image and performance of actors and actresses. She would also have pleaded the because of the stand-ins, a category to which he is very attached, interpreting the dangerous scenes in the first person, preparing them in close contact with the experts. Exactly what Cruise said on behalf of the stunt coordinators is unknown.
At the same time Tom has been however for thirty years also a producer as well as an actor (he founded the Cruise/Wagner nel 1993the first film he co-produced was his own Mission: Impossible of 1996). For this reason he tried to extract a concession from SAG-Aftra: that the actors and actresses who are members of the union can promote upcoming movies and TV series, regardless of the ongoing strike, whose rules would prohibit it. For Cruise and for many who share his thoughts, the involvement of actors and actresses throughout the promotion, including guests, red carpets and interviews, is a economic resource that supports the box office.
These talks would have taken place more or less a month ago, but unfortunately the negotiations were interrupted with a confrontation, which is putting a strain on the American audiovisual production system.
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