Thursday, February 29, 2024

Mare Fuori 4: Raiz shoots a rival in the center of Naples (Photo)

Mare Fuori 4: Raiz shoots a rival in the center of Naples (Photo)

A scene from Mare Fuori was shot in the center of Naples, Raiz is the protagonist of a shooting in the middle of Via Chiaia

Mare Fuori 4: Raiz shoots a rival in the center of Naples (Photo)

Sea Outside 4 moves to an external location, in the very central via Chiaia in Naples. According to what was told on social media by numerous fans who witnessed the shooting, in the episode filmed these days spara root to a rival on the famous steps of one of the Neapolitan shopping streets. From the images, it is noted that the affected man is not a familiar face from the first three seasons of the series.

Filming of Mare fuori 4, which began in May, is still ongoing. Some scenes of the new season, scheduled to be broadcast in the first months of 2024, were shot on the streets of Naples. It is common for fans at the venue to take photos or record short videos, which are later shared on the internet.

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In the last few hours, a photo has gone viral on social media, depicting the former Almamegretta frontman involved in a shootout, while his rival lies on the ground shot, potentially life threatening. Fans felt a sense of relief when they realized the stricken actor is not a familiar face to fans of the cult Rai 2 series.

In the third season, we had left Raiz together with his daughter, Rosa Ricci, and Carmine di Salvo, played by Massimiliano Caiazzo. In the last scene, Maria Esposito pulled the trigger on her gun, creating an intriguing cliffhanger and giving rise to much speculation.

It was not revealed what happened next, but many speculated that the girl had shot her own father. However, Raiz’s presence on set disproves this hypothesis, even if it could be a flashback. Director Ivan Silvestrini anticipated that he would shuffle the cards to avoid spoilers and maintain suspense.