Airplane mode tonight on Rai 2: plot, cast and curiosities of the comedy with Lillo

Tonight on Rai 2, in prime time, Airplane Mode is broadcast: cast and plot of the comedy with Paolo Ruffini

Airplane mode tonight on Rai 2: plot, cast and curiosities of the comedy with Lillo

This eveningJuly 18, on Rai 2in the early evening, at 21:20, goes on the air Flight mode, a 2019 comedy directed by Fausto Brizzi. The director signed the screenplay with Herbert Simone Paragnani. The soundtrack was composed by Bruno Zambrini. Plot, castreview, trivia and trailer of the feature film.

Airplane mode 1

Airplane Mode: A promotional still from the film

Airplane Mode: Storyline

Diego is a successful, charming and rich businessman and his life depends on his cell phone, obviously of the latest generation. Ivano, on the other hand, is a janitor, he cleans the airport toilets, he’s not handsome, neither rich nor famous. One day, just before boarding a flight, Diego forgets his mobile phone in the toilet near the gate. Ivano finds it… but doesn’t return it. He has one day to change his life for the better, using Diego’s cell phone. Those fateful hours spent in “airplane mode” will change their lives forever.

Airplane mode 4

Airplane mode: a sequence from the film with Paolo Ruffini

Airplane Mode: Trivia and our interviews

Airplane mode was released in Italian cinemas on February 21, 2019 thanks to 01 Distribution.

The film was shot in Italy (Tuscany and Rome) and in Holland, specifically in Amsterdam.

Interviewed by Movieplayer Paolo Ruffini and Lillo said: “We’re running as the new Batman and Two-Face

Fausto Brizzi compared Caterina Guzzanti and Violante Placido to Poison Ivy and Catwoman.

Airplane mode 11

Airplane Mode: Dino Abbrescia in a scene

Airplane Mode: Performers and characters

Airplane mode 6

Airplane mode: Paolo Ruffini and Dino Abbrescia in a photo

Airplane Mode: Review and Trailer

Our review of Airplane Mode

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