Christopher Nolan has stated his stance on filming during the actors’ and writers’ strike

The Writer’s Guild of America went on strike in early days, demanding better measurement of streaming payouts and the prevention of excessive use of artificial intelligence in writing, with guaranteed jobs in writers’ rooms. The actors have raised similar concerns ahead of their strike, calling for a more uniform metric for streaming payouts and the use of AI instead in productions, as well as limiting tapes for self-auditioning.
Speaking to the BBC at Oppenheimer’s UK premiere, Christopher Nolan was asked about the ongoing writers’ strike and the actors’ strike that has just begun.

In addition to sharing his support for WGA and SAG-AFTRA, the writer-director rejected the idea of ​​shooting during these strikes, acknowledging that “you never want industrial action,” but it’s about time the studios and streaming platforms take some responsibility

“Absolutely no. It is very important that everyone understands that this is a key moment in the relationship between workers and Hollywood. It’s not about me, nor about the stars of my film. These are working actors, TV show writers trying to raise a family, to keep food on the table. Streamers have not yet adapted to this new world and a world where they don’t license their products to other broadcasters, but keep them for themselves. They have not yet offered to pay unionized workers adequately, and it is very important that they do so. I think you never want a strike, you never want industrial action. But there are times when it is necessary. This is one of those moments.”

Nolan’s comments on the ongoing actor and writers’ strikes come after Oppenheimer’s cast walked out of the film’s premiere. The strikes are leaving Hollywood in an unprecedented situation: Nearly 30 TV shows have been shut down or had their release dates delayed, including the second seasons of Poker Face and The Last of Us, and more than 20 movies, including Mission : Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part Two, Deadpool 3 and Mortal Kombat 2.

Since Christopher Nolan has confirmed that he won’t be shooting anything during the actors’ and writers’ strikes, it will be interesting to see if notable figures like Tom Cruise, another renowned proponent of the theater experience, will share their support for the WGA and SAG-AFTRA in the coming weeks. weeks. With Disney CEO Bob Iger coming under fire for his stance on the strikes, one can hope that Nolan will join the ranks of those calling for fairer wages to help move the studio talks forward. , along with the prospect of not making money by continuing to distribute some of their most important properties.

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