We light years: Snow White joins the Avengers in an exclusive preview clip of the film

The teen movie directed by Tiziano Russo arrives in theaters on July 27, which tells the story of Elsa and Edo, played by Carolina Sala and Rocco Fasano. We show you their first encounter in an exclusive preview clip of the film, in theaters July 27 via Notorious Pictures.

What would the seven dwarfs say if they knew that their beloved snow-whiteInstead of living happily ever after with Prince Charming, she entered the Avengers? They’d probably be happy for her, because a little adventure in her life never hurts. This variant of the classic European fairy tale, which no one has ever heard before, is told to a group of children by a boy named Or. It happens in a clip of We light years that we show you in exclusive preview. If you know the plot of the film, you will realize that the scene takes place in the hematology department of a hospital and that both the children and the young are sick. From afar they are watched by a girl with blond curls named Elsawhich it is Caroline HallWhile Or has the face of Rocco Fasanothat someone has known in Shame on Italy e in Do not kill Of Andrea De Sica. The film belongs to a very popular genre: we could call it a teen drama with illness. Our American cousins ​​would also talk about cancer movies, because the protagonists are suffering from blood cancer.

We light years will arrive in Italian theaters on July 27 distributed by Notorious Pictures, but those who go to the Giffoni Film Festival 2023 will be able to see it in preview on the 23. The film takes inspiration from Matching Jackof a certain Nadia Tass. Directed by We Light Years and of Titian Russowhich has just finished filming the ten episodes of the fifth season of Shame on Italy. Previously he directed video clips, commercials, short films and documentaries, including The revolution is comingwhich tells the story of the making of the latest album by Negramaro. They also act in the film Catherine Guzzantiwho plays the mother of Elsae Fabio Troianowho instead plays the part of the father. Elsa he will go looking for him even though he has never met him, in the hope of finding a marrow donor.

We said that Elsa has the face of Caroline Hall, who we think is an actress we’ll hear more about. We saw it, last year, in Glass Of Domenico Croce, in which she was a girl who lived confined to her bedroom. Her performance pleasantly surprised us and therefore we are pleased to find her again We light years.

The exclusive preview clip of Noi Anni Luce

And here is the clip of We Light Years which we talked about at the beginning:

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