Storm of love, who is Manuela and how she died

Storm of love, who is Manuela von Thalheim

Little Manuela von Thalheim is one of the protagonists – albeit indirectly – of the plots of the episodes of Love storm currently broadcast on Rete 4. Daughter of Heinrich and Judith von Thalheim – and therefore Henning’s little sister -, little Manuela died tragically as a child in an accident whose circumstances have never really been ascertained. When Paul, who is engaged to Constanze – that is Manuela’s cousin – learns the story of the little girl, something in him is triggered and that is how, painfully, a truth with disconcerting implications emerges.

What happened to Manuela von Thalheim

After having also resorted to hypnosis with Rosalie, Paul begins to reconstruct the story. However, it is the arrival of his grandmother Anna that triggers in Paul a series of memories of his childhood that the man had repressed up to that moment. The grandmother decides, with great apprehension, to reveal what really happened many years before and how Paul’s fate tragically marked Manuela’s life.

How did Manuela von Thalheim die

During a holiday on the von Thalheim estate, little Paul ended up – during a game – at the wheel of a car. What starts out as an innocent prank soon turns into a nightmare. Paul inadvertently overwhelms little Manuela, killing her.

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The grandmother, faced with that tragedy, decides to opt to hide the truth: if Anna had ended up behind bars, Paul and Alicia would have found themselves with no one in the world able to take care of them. Grandma Anna had no intention of abandoning her grandchildren, and that’s why she decided to hide the truth and to remove suspicions about Paul’s involvement in that very sad story. The man decides to confide that terrible story to Josie and trembles at the idea of ​​spilling the beans even with his partner Constanze, who is literally related to the little girl.

Is Paul the murderer of Manuela von Thalheim?

As Henning’s birthday approaches, Paul becomes increasingly desperate as he can’t reconcile himself to the horrific memory that had lain dormant in his consciousness for all those years. After trying to help Constanze redeem the von Thalheim estate – and blowing almost all the 100,000 euros intended for the renovations – Paul no longer knows how to atone for that terrible crime.

Henning learns that Paul killed Manuela

During one of his increasingly frequent panic attacks, Paul is helped by Josie, who urges him to confess everything and free himself from that burden. Christoph, on the other hand, argues that Paul should take the secret to his grave. Robert, in fact, went to Josie to tell her not to force her hand with Paul and to dissuade him from telling the truth. The two are unaware of the fact that Henning, who – we recall – is Manuela’s brother, was listening to their conversation. It is in this way that Henning discovers that Paul is his sister’s killer.

Paul tells Constanze the truth about Manuela

Henning runs into Paul in the apartment, and a furious argument erupts between the two. Paul tries to explain to Henning that he only recently found out, but Henning presses him by asking who let him drive and why no one rescued his sister. Paul is petrified. The situation becomes increasingly heated and Paul prevents Henning from being hit by a car, but their relationship continues to remain very tense despite the fact that Paul saved Henning’s life.

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Paul confesses to Constanze that he is responsible for the death of his cousin Manuela. Later Paul and Constanze are about to make love, but she thinks of Henning’s words, that she is sleeping with her sister’s killer and tells him they can no longer be together.

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