Snow White: Some photos from the live action set spark controversy over the appearance of the “seven magical creatures”

Daily Mail US has exclusively shared some photos revealing the appearance of the “seven magical creatures” who will replace the seven dwarfs in the live action remake of Snow White. And it is immediately controversial.

snow-white – live action remake of the 1st Disney classic – is expected in cinemas during 2024, probably from March 22nd. These days, so are some going on additional shooting of the project, who have finally unveiled theappearance of the seven magical creatures which will replace the famous seven dwarfs. Daily Mail US has in fact published, exclusively, some shots stolen from the setin which the stunt doubles of Rachel Zegler ed Andrew Burnap – performers of Snow White and the Prince.

Snow White – The controversy regarding the representation of the seven dwarfs

Il Daily Mail therefore revealed for the first time theappearance of the seven magical creatures from the live action remake, filmed during some scenes filmed in “exterior”. A Disney spokesperson later confirmed that these are set photos, but stressed that they are not official production photos. The Studios have in fact tried to keep the appearance of the characters hidden, since will be edited in post-productionto achieve a more “magical” look – so what transpires from these shots will not necessarily be what we will see in the film. Described as a “halfway between Tolkien’s hobbits and Frozen trolls” they are also distinguished by height, gender and ethnicity – as pointed out some time ago by the production:

To avoid reinforcing the stereotypes of the original animated film, we took a different approach to portraying these seven characters and had members of the dwarfism community advise us. We’ll be keen to share more as soon as the film goes into production after a long development period.

On the web, of course, it is immediately sparked controversyboth in the choice and in how the characters were conceived – hopefully the CGI will make the result more convincing. Daily Mailfor his part, criticized Disney’s strongly “woke” decision, choosing a decidedly explanatory title for his article: “Exclusive: Snow White and the seven… politically-correct companions? The first images from Disney’s live-action remake show the princess as she walks with a diverse group of men and women after discussions about whether to use dwarf actors”. snow-whiteas well as the presence of Rachel Zegler – launched by West Side Story by Steven Spielberg and also expected in the prequel of Hunger Games, The Ballad of the Nightingale and the Serpent – will be able to count on a prominent name such as that of Gal “Wonder Woman” Gadot – who plays the role of the Evil Queen. All that remains is to wait to find out thedefinitive appearance of magical creatures.

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