Big Brother Vip, Edoardo Donnamaria blurts out on social media: “Sput* to be a person you’ve been in love with…”

River outlet by Edoardo Donnamaria after a Tweet by Antonella Fiodelisi. The couple, born in the Casa del Gf Vip, seems increasingly distant.

River vent by Edoardo Donnamaria after a tweet by Antonella Fiodelisi. The couple, born in the Casa del Gf Vipseems more and more distant.

Gf Vip: Edoardo Donnamaria vent river

Here are the words of the young Roman shared a little while ago on social media:

“I have never exposed myself by telling private facts, because they are private. I find it an attitude of unheard-of violence to spit *on a person you have been madly in love with. I have suffered defamation, psychological “pressure”, bad revenge based on false assumptions, insults, threats and I was silent or at best I answered with irony. In the same way I am against physical violence, but you can dodge the first punch, you can take the second one, you can suffer the third one… at a certain point it’s more about being against violence, but being cogl*oni. I invite anyone not to continue in these attitudes, because I’m about to turn into Daniele dal Moro.”

The post of Edward comes later a tweet from Antonella who asked her followers for a request, namely to avoid sharing photos or videos with her ex-boyfriend.

Since unfortunately someone doesn’t want to see the reality of the facts, I ask the people who love me not to tag me on fan cams or other things that can destabilize me anymore. Thank you

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