7 terrible love scenes from TV series that we will always find in our worst nightmares

Ah love, a beautiful feeling, which however can also have decidedly less comforting implications. In the history of TV series, as is normal, love is one of the fundamental themes, it runs after itself in productions of all kinds and occupies a central role in practically every type of narrative. There are many variations according to which love is presented in TV series, but often some are chosen which, let’s face it clearly, take on connotations from nightmare. Let’s think about The Idol, for example, which has recently staged a decidedly repulsive type of love, or even series such as The Boys e Game of Thrones, capable of transmitting the hardness of their traits even to a subject that tends to be more delicate such as love.

In short, this component has taken on practically every type of semblance possible in the history of TV series. Today we will try to condense the worse than worst we’ve seen, seven really repulsive love scenes, so much so that they end up haunting us in our worst nightmares. From the much discussed The Idolpassing through Gossip Girl until The Boys e Game of Thrones: let’s start this journey in the worst love of tv series.

The Idol: Jocelyn and Tedros

The Idol
Jocelyn and Tedros – The Idol (640×360)

In this nightmarish love journey in the TV series we could not start from The Idol, the series of the moment which, between controversies and gross errors, has given some scenes that will hardly be forgotten by viewers. In reality, there are several moments in the HBO series that deserve to be included in this list, but above all the most repelling passage is certainly represented by the ending of the second episode, from the much talked about sex scene between Jocelyn and Tedros. In the middle of a party, the two go to a room and a relationship begins between them in which the singer, blindfolded, follows the explicit directions sexual of man.

The scene caused quite a stir, both for its being highly explicitbut mostly for the feeling of wanting scandalize at all costs, without an apparent narrative coherence. The Weeknd, the singer who plays Tedros in The Idol, she defended this scene staunchly, finding it fulfills its job of presenting her character as inadequate and repulsive. Beyond the ultimate meaning of this passage, however, the meaning of is clear unease faced with this scene, not so much for the scandal it creates, but precisely for its being decidedly out of place.

Beyond The Idol: the Gossip Girl threesome

The Idol
Dan, Olivia e Vanessa in Gossip Girl (640×360)

After The Idol let’s take a big step back in time to talk about an iconic series, which has not spared its most controversial moments. One of the most talked about scenes ever of Gossip Girl it is the ménage a trois that is consumed between Andhis girlfriend Olivia (for those who don’t remember, the character played by Hilary Duff) and her best friend Vanessa. We are in the middle of the third season, Olivia is about to leave school to pursue her acting career and Dan and Vanessa take her on a journey through the fifteen things to do in college. Among these there is a three-way experience.

What is out of place is clearly not the act itself, but the whole scene, which seems completely decontextualized than the rest of the story. Placed a bit like this, just to add spice to the plot, the threesome between Dan, Vanessa and Olivia is almost unanimously considered one of the most cringe Of Gossip Girl, such is the revulsion that fans felt at seeing this passage. On the other hand it is impossible to be wrong, because this threesome is really one of the lowest points of such a great series Gossip Girl.

Love and powers in The Boys

The Idol
The passion between Stormfront and Patriot in The Boys (640×360)

Now let’s change register a bit and after having faced two love scenes that are not only repulsive but also questionable at the plot level, such as those in The Idol e in Gossip Girlcon The Boys we run into a passage that has its own great narrative coherence, but that doesn’t erase the repulsion it causes to see her. We are in the fifth episode of the second season and the Prime Video series gives us one of the most peculiar love encounters in the history of TV series. The rapprochement between two madmen with superpowers like Patriota and Stormfront can only lead to a scene of unbridled passion, in which the two let themselves go completely, unleashing both their libido and their powers.

This crazy scene comes out in which the two launch into frantic stunts, unleashing all their strength in a riot of passion and action. This is a pivotal scene for The Boys, because it changes and redefines the relationship between Patriot and Stormfront, so decisive for the second season of the Amazon series, but as mentioned this does not hide a feeling of repulsion given above all by the violence of the act, consumed among other things between two decidedly negative characters. Finally, completing the nightmare are all the developments that relationship will lead to The Boys in the continuation of the narrative.

Beyond The Idol: The terrible first night of Game of Thrones

The Idol
Daenerys Targaryen e Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones (640×360)

We remain now on the topic of The Boys, with another series like Game of Thrones which, contrary to what was done by The Idol it’s yes Gossip Girl, she was able to create even disturbing love scenes, but always functional to the plot. The worst, in this sense, is certainly represented by wedding night tKhal Drogo and Daenerys, in which the man violently possesses his bride. This scene was much discussed, even by himself Martinwho criticized the choice to stage real violence, when in the novel the relationship between the two is consensual, despite the tender age of the young Targaryen.

This choice certainly had the effect of scandalizing at least a part of the public, even if then Game of Thrones has always remained faithful to its figure and, in retrospect, this scene is less disturbing than at first glance, but looking at the general picture, it actually fits well in the whole evolution of the relationship between Daenerys and Khal Drogo, with the Targaryen teaching his husband how to love a woman after the traumatic beginning. Again, as in The Boys, this very strong scene has its own consistency important, which however does not remove the disturbing sensation it causes.

Adam’s vice in You

Adam in You 4 (640×360)

Let’s go back practically to the present, to one of the series that attracted the most attention in the first half of 2023. We’re talking about You, which with its fourth season, divided into two parts, has been able to give a twist, quite unexpected to tell the truth, to the whole story. The latest chapter of the Netflix series has brought us into a whole new context, where Joe comes to terms with the rich Londoners and their quirks. Among these there is certainly the fetishism of Adamwhich we could see in the famous scene of golden shower.

Basically, the character of You gets peed on, complete with swimming goggles that I add that pinch of healthy trash to the story. The point of this scene is to address some tendencies, even decidedly particular ones, which may concern the sexual sphere, so much so that this Adam’s vice ends up affecting his story with Phoebe as well, but the effect it actually creates is more than simple repulsion, since then this passage is not in the least multifaceted, but only placed there as if simply to scandalize the public. A bit like in The Idol, this scene displaces and remains an end in itself.

Beyond The Idol: Veronica and Archie’s Peculiar Timing in Riverdale

The intimacy between Veronica and Archie in Riverdale (640×360)

Let’s go on with a scene that, as happened for the threesome in Gossip Girl, has caused a wave ofindignation among the fans. Riverdale is one of the best examples of serial trash, for which the construction of paradoxical and absurd scenes doesn’t even clash that much, but the one starring Archie and Veronica manages to impose itself even in such a context. We are at the beginning of second season and, shortly after Archie’s father fell victim to a shooting and struggling between life and death, the boy takes a passionate shower with his girlfriend, forgetting everything that happened.

Beyond thenarrative inconsistencysince Archie has a very strong bond with his father and his being so superficial about his condition jars, it really hits the timing wrong of this scene, the juxtaposition of such a dramatic passage to one with an enormous erotic load. The result is doubly unsuccessful: on the one hand, the anxiety about the conditions of Archie’s father is reduced, on the other hand the love scene with Veronica is completely dismantled. Thus, this step of Riverdale has succeeded in the difficult task of standing out among a great variety of scenes far beyond the cringe.

Schmidt’s trauma in New Girl

Schmidt’s suffering in New Girl (640×360)

We close this review of the worst love scenes in TV series going for the first time in the world of comedy. This is actually a scene to laugh about, but capable of haunting us in our worst nightmares because, just the thought of the harm it can do, scares terribly. We are talking, of course, from the very famous scene of New Girlwhich is actually more of a passage because it happens off screen, in which Schmidt, after a night with Cece’s particular friend, Nadiafractures his penis. This trauma then leads to the rapprochement between Schmidt and Cece and the grotesque side of the story produces the desired effect, but all this does not prevent you from feeling a shiver of uneasiness at the thought of what one might feel in such a situation and above all how Schmidt and Nadia have arrived at such a particular scenario.

With this excerpt from New Girl we end this journey in the nightmarish love scenes of the TV series, between passages capable of turning the fan over, as in Gossip Girl, to scandalize as in The Idol and to hit viewers hard as in Game of Thrones e The Boys. Ah love, in these passages he has been able to show some of his sides decisively worse.

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