SKAM, Ludovica Martino also graduated. Congratulations to the actress of Eva

SKAM, Ludovica Martino also graduated. Congratulations to Eva’s interpreter

The actress best known for her role as Eva in SHAME, Ludovica Martino she graduated! On July 12, 2023, the girl posted photos on her Instagram profile of her, fresh from the proclamation, with the classic laurel wreath and thesis in hand.

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In the second photograph, we can see some more details on the thesis of Ludovica. In particular: “Tennial Study Course in Specialist Translation and Conference Interpreting”. TRANSLATION AND INTERPRETATION. Title: “The importance of the figure of the interpreter in war zones and the usefulness of his role in history, conflicts and testimonies, with technical-linguistic analysis of the main problems”. A truly fascinating field of study and very important for today’s reality that we have been experiencing for some time.

Despite his growing fame and success with Shame on Italy, Martino he has always maintained a balanced approach between his career and his academic training. This university accolade is a testament to his commitment to excellence in all aspects of her life.

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Shame on Italy is a television series that deals with important issues such as friendship, love, identity and the challenges facing teenagers in modern society. Ludovica Martino she played the role of Eva, a young woman with a strong personality and an authentic character. Her passionate portrayal of her captivated audiences, making Eva one of the series’ favorite characters. Reason why, the affection on social media after this ambitious goal has been very strong on the part of the followers of the actress. Also, for the role of Eva, Ludovica won a Silver ribbon in 2012 and a Cheep d’oro in the category “Protagonist of the Year in a TV Series”.

Congratulations to Ludovica Martino for his wonderful academic achievement! We are sure that she will continue to enchant audiences with her talent and be an inspiration to young actors.

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