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I’m not a lady, tonight on Rai 2 the show with Alba Parietti: previews of the third episode

I'm not a lady, tonight on Rai 2 the show with Alba Parietti: previews of the third episode

Tonight on Rai 2 I’m not a lady, the show with Alba Parietti and the art of Drag Queens is back: previews and guests of the July 13 episode

I'm not a lady, tonight on Rai 2 the show with Alba Parietti: previews of the third episode

Tonight July 13thare Rai 2become I’m not a lady the show focused on the performance art of Drag Queens. The program hosted by Alba Parietti is the Italian adaptation of Make Up Your Mind. Also in this third episode five celebrities from the world of entertainment, cinema, theatre, sport and culture will perform as Drag Queens in a knockout competition. During the show, the stars will undertake to keep their identities a secret, as happens for The Masked Singer.

Host and VIP Juror Panel

Alba Parietti, presenter of the program, will be joined in the studio by Mara Maionchi, Sabrina Salerno, Filippo Magnini, and Cristina D’Avena, who will make up the “vip panel” of I’m not a lady. To them the task of guessing the identity of the famous characters, who hide behind the Drag disguise at the end of each performance.

How it works I’m not a lady

In each episode, the 5 “mysterious” characters will compete in an elimination competition, which includes performances in the most iconic disciplines of the Drag world such as the catwalk, or a catwalk show with musical accompaniment, the vogueing-style dance, which consists in imitating the plastic poses of the models that appear in the fashion shows, symbolized by the covers of the well-known magazine “Vogue”, from which the dance takes its name; and finally, the singing challenge in lipsync. The audience at home and the “vip panel” in the studio will have to stay alert because clues to the identities of the contestants can be hidden anywhere.

Swear by the program

On the other hand, the competitors’ performances will be judged, and who will have to leave the program for each challenge, by a jury of professional Drag artists composed of Elecktra Bionic, winner of the first edition of Drag Race Italia and specialist in beauty queens and performances; Vanessa Van Cartier, Italian-Belgian Drag winner of the prestigious title of ‘Miss Continental’, star of ‘Make Up Your Mind’ Netherlands and lipsync expert, and Maruska Starr, Drag Queen singer for over 10 years.

The VIPs who participated in the program

In the first episode

Rocco Siffredi took on the role of Eva Lungherya. Patrizio Rispo was Varenne Soleil. Gigliola Yard was Lorenzo Amoruso. Isla Rodrigua was Spanish actor Sergio Muniz.

In the second episode

Fabio Fulco was Angelika. Roberta Capua took on the role of Vulcanya. Paolo Ciavarro and Filippo Nardi were
Anna Legend e Vivienne Smokes

The winners

She Funk won the first episode, according to the web audience Andreas Muller would be hiding under the make-up and wig of Drag.

The Nancees won the second installment. The clues suggest the Neapolitan duo formed by Gigi and Ross.