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Can you think that in 2007 we watched these TV series?

Can you think that in 2007 we watched these TV series?

It was the year 2007 and the world of seriality was experiencing a great moment. The Big Bang Theory arrived with its first season, Boris wrote the first page of an Italian serial reality that is still more alive than ever today and, in the meantime, Disney Channel was experiencing one of the golden moments that would soon become unforgettable memories for us. Everything was calling us to that sofa we never wanted to get off. It was the beginning, the development, but it wasn’t the end. In 2007 we watched a wonderful serial universe still capable of unleashing great blows of nostalgia in us that almost make us regret those moments. With the advent of an ever-increasing number of TV series, we have lost track of when and in which year we saw a specific production for the first time, and this can be an excellent reason to shed some light and actually understand which TV series, in addition to Heroes for example, we watched in the year 2007.

So make yourself comfortable for this journey into the world of the 2007 TV series, and hold on tight: Heroes will not be the only production to create a sense of nostalgia

1) Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana (640×360)

Yes friends, the Disney Channel TV series Hannah Montana arrived here in Italy in 2007 establishing itself as a real international phenomenon. The double life of the soap and water American girl who turned into a successful singer in the evening had completely turned our afternoons upside down. When we turned on Disney Channel we couldn’t wait for a new episode of the series to arrive. It was now our favorite, our myth par excellence. Miley, together with her friends, told a funny, light, but also in some ways profound story. In fact, the series tried to narrate how Miley’s essence managed to remain clear and uncontaminated by the pop star life she had undertaken. Hannah Montana was the story of a normal girl who fulfilled her dream without neglecting the normality of her life and, even if things have changed, we continue to see this TV series – fortunately available on Disney + – with the same dreamy eyes of years does.

2) My Name is Earl

My Name is Earl (640×360)

Created in 2005 and arrived in Italy in 2006\2007, My Name is Earl is a piece of TV series history that should have gotten more. Canceled and without an ending, the series tells the story of a man – Earl – who decides to right all the mistakes he had accumulated over the years. In fact, the protagonist tries to fix things by drawing up a list including all the wickedness committed until then with the aim of finding a solution for each of them, thus becoming a better man. My Name is Earl still remains a vivid memory for us today. Sometimes we fear that this series may be forgotten due to the passage of time, but just one Bella Earl arrived completely at random in our head to understand that probably, albeit in such an unfortunate and brief way, the series has managed to anchor itself to all intents and purposes to the serial panorama without the possibility (at least for now) of being forgotten by those who, in 2007, approached the latter with passion for the first time in the wonderful and unforgettable afternoons of Italia Uno.

3) Ugly Betty

ugly betty
Ugly Betty (640×360)

It was 2007, and Ugly Betty debuted in Italy on the Mediaset channel Italy One, becoming in all respects one of the TV series of that time that we still remember by heart today. Daughter of his time but in some ways still current, the series tries to carry on the narrative by telling how aesthetic standards influence society and the world of work. The protagonist was not considered adherent to the aesthetic standards imposed by society and no one within the series struggled not to remind her of this. The reason why she was chosen to work in the fashion publishing house had in fact to do with her outward appearance. To prevent her son from getting distracted and starting a relationship with her assistant, Bradford Meade – the owner of the magazine – chose the protagonist for her physical appearance and not for her resume. Ugly Betty had the ability to amuse us with her not taking herself too seriously, but she was also talented in giving us a clear and transparent message about the unhealthy concept of aesthetic canon of beauty that has always besieged the company.

4) Life on Mars

Life on Mars (640×360)

Life on Mars arrived in Italy in 2007, putting us in front of one of the most loved and interesting detective stories ever. What we probably loved about this production was its fascinating and enigmatic side that returned no answers about Tyler’s condition. The protagonist is in fact a chief inspector who, following an accident, finds himself catapulted into 1973. Coming from the year 2006 and therefore from the future, Tyler begins to work for a police department, but will soon encounter numerous difficulties due to the numerous differences in survey techniques. Even today it is not clear whether the protagonist traveled through time, was dreaming or was mentally unstable. This lack of response has contributed to immortalizing this production that still carries this enigma with it today. But one thing is certain: Life on Mars still remains a great TV series of the genre, perhaps one of the first that – in 2007 – convinced us to love detective stories.

5) Heroes

Zachary Quinto
Heroes (640×360)

Arrived in 2007 on Italia 1, Heroes is a TV series consisting of 4 seasons and 78 episodes. con Zachary Quinto, Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimigliathe series tells about a way in which there are called individuals advanced subjects because they possess abilities that go beyond human limits. In fact, the protagonists are able to teleport, read minds and travel through time. Even if they don’t know each other, they soon realize that they all have the same goal: to save the world. The viewing figures of 2007 were very high and allowed Heroes to establish itself as one of the most acclaimed and loved TV series of the time. The success was so much that, even when the ratings dropped and the series was cancelled, the spin-off was created Heroes Reborn. Heroes continues to be one of the TV series that arouses nostalgia the most and that we remember the most when we think of our afternoons spent in front of the TV.

6) Ghost Whisperer

Ghost Whisperer (640×360)

Arrived on Rai channels in 2007, Ghost Whisperer is one of the TV series that most – in those years – was able to combine drama and the paranormal in a balanced and engaging way. In fact, the series tells the story of Melinda, a girl not only capable of seeing ghosts, but also of helping them in their exploits in order to finally free herself and go to rest. With a plot that implements the typical features of the 2000s, the paranormal and the typical events of an American girl, Ghost Whisperer has managed to keep us company by entertaining us and, even more, by making us passionate. It wasn’t just a pastime, it wasn’t just a moment of entertainment: Ghost Whisperer was 360-degree involvement, it was the desire to always know how the story ended. In 2007, we watched this story grow, and even when it ended, the memory of him never really left us. A series of unique elegance and delicacy.

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