Alessandra Mastronardi is getting married: Elena Sofia Ricci’s comment leaves everyone speechless!

Alessandra Mastronardi got married a few days ago and under the post published to celebrate the event, Elena Sofia Ricci had her say, leaving everyone speechless. Here’s what she said!

The romantic love story between Alessandra Mastronardi e Gianpaolo Sannino had a conclusion – indeed, a beginning – worthy of a fairy tale: after meeting and falling in love for the first time at 17, the two separated for many years. After some time, fate brought them together and the actress and the dentist understood that they were made for each other. Love prompted them to celebrate their wedding in a splendid ceremony in Anacapri, with 150 guests.

Alessandra Mastronardi is getting married: Elena Sofia Ricci’s comment arrives

The photos of the ceremony have been published exclusively on Chi and they have already made the rounds on the web. In each of them you can see the love that the two newly weds have for each other. Wearing the splendid dresses from the Armani Privè collection, Alessandra Mastronardi and Gianpaolo Sannino they decided to pronounce their yes in the presence of their closest friends and families.

The actress then published a sweet post with some of the shots of the evening and in support of the photos she wrote:

“Love conquers all, even time and space. You and me”

The post, which appeared on his Instagram profile, was flooded with messages of love and best wishes from various members of the entertainment world. Between these, the comment by Elena Sofia Ricci did not go unnoticedwhich amazed everyone. The actress and Mastronardi have divided the scene in the fiction of Canale 5 The Cesaroni, where they played a mother-daughter duo, Lucia and Eva. Fans of the series rejoiced when they saw that the actress’ “television mother” also wanted to pay homage to the couple with a funny comment:

“Oh my God, what really? Now I’m going to end up becoming a grandmother too. Happy birthday Love!”

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