Dancing with the Stars: “Milly Carlucci no longer wants Selvaggia Lucarelli. And it is more than a sensation”, the indiscretion

According to what Davide Maggio reported, Carlucci would not be inclined to reconfirm Lucarelli in the jury of Dancing with the Stars.

In a recent interview by Milly Carluccithe presenter, chatting with Davide Maggio, shed light on the cast of the next edition of Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars: Does Milly Carlucci no longer want Selvaggia Lucarelli? The gossip

“Dancing with the Stars is there. Now we must be a certainty also for the solidity of ratings, for people’s pleasure in following us. We must renew our friendship pact with the Rai1 audience. The Ballando jury will be discussed in September. First let’s close the cast, once the cast is finished we will talk about the jury.” The Carluccireferring to the interview of Lucarelli a Chiwhere the journalist confirmed her role on the jury, she then added: “Now is a time when many things are being said. But I repeat, first cast and then jury.”

Precisely with regard to this, the journalist Davide Maggio himself revealed:

“I think Milly Selvaggia doesn’t want it. But I think they don’t have the strength to tell her, go away. This is my feeling. In fact, it’s not a feeling, it’s more than a feeling.”. Maggio further added that part of the talent show’s future cast would be one more reason to obstruct the Lucarelli and push her to leave the program of her own free will:

“I believe that even some names of the cast, for example Francesca Barra who seems to be a competitor, are chosen to put Selvaggia in difficulty and make her say ‘you know what, I can’t take it anymore’

In recent weeks, some unconfirmed rumors had circulated about a possible landing on the jury of Barbara D’Urso after his “noisy” farewell to Mediaset. In this regard, the Carlucci he has declared:

“Barbara is a great professional. I wish her the very best of luck so that her career – wherever she chooses to go – continues with the same resounding success it has had so far.”

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