Can Yaman in embarrassment, thanks the fans and publishes an unexpected Video: “Make love a lot”

Can Yaman is forced to slow down with the fans. The Turkish actor publishes a nice video, which shows him embarrassed in front of a very ironic admirer.

Despite the success achieved and the awareness that there are many fans ready for all even for a single glance from him, Can Yaman he is still a shy and at times awkward star when he finds himself in front of some avid admirer, who involves him in a playful exchange of jokes. Here’s what happened, the video posted by the actor on Instagram and the decision he had to make in the last few hours.

Can Yaman announces that he has made a decision on his Tour

To raise funds to be donated to his charity, Can Yaman for Children, the most loved sensual Turkish actor of the moment has decided to inaugurate the Break The Wall Tour, a tour around the major cities of Italy to get to know the fans who they have always loved and supported him. Can Yaman he spent a lot of his free time in this initiative to help the children of the Umberto I hospital in Rome and this does him great honour. Now, however, the actor will have to take a break due to the commitments that see him on the set of second season of Viola come il Mare. Yaman confirmed his presenceshowing himself astride a roaring sports bike ready to step back into the shoes of Francesco Demir, the charming and gloomy chief inspector of Palermo.

“In a couple of days I’ll start working on the second season of Viola Come il Mare”, so I’ll have to drastically reduce my visits to Italy. I will miss Break the Wall Tour 2023 very much, my team is already working to finalize what we started. However, there will be many other news and I will carry all the good times spent with you in my heart “.

This is the message that Can wrote about Instagramby publishing a video which portrays him with a decidedly ironic fan, who asks him for a particular dedication to keep for his upcoming wedding day. In front of this request, Yaman looks almost intimidated and this reminds us how the actor, although by now he has all the qualities of a star also thanks to the collaboration with Dolce&Gabbana which takes care of his image but also thanks to the long gym sessions which make him sexier than ever. Perhaps we need to remember that Can is often embarrassed in worldly situations because he loves to have fun and please his admirers, but also retains a closed and introverted character, so much so that it seems impossible to extract some information about his private life from him.

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