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The Promise Advances July 12, 2023: Jana has proof that Curro is her brother but new obstacles are on the horizon

The Promise Advances July 12, 2023: Jana has proof that Curro is her brother but new obstacles are on the horizon

Let’s find out together the previews of the episode of La Promessa aired on July 12, 2023 on Canale5. The Plots of the episode of the new Soap reveal that Jana is now certain: Curro is her Marcos. However, the girl will have to face new challenges to reunite with her brother.

The Advances from the bet of The promise broadcast on July 12, 2023at ore 14.45 are Canale5they reveal to us that Jana will have confirmation That Curro is really his brother. The girl she discovered the birthmark that the young man has on his shoulder e she no longer has any doubts that he is Marcos but he will still have to be a little patient. Indeed, she will have to figure out how to approach him and make himself heard, aware that it is not easy at all, given that the baronet is a spoiled and frustrated boy. Meanwhile Cruz will continue to store a lot of faith in his birthday dinner ma Mauro will be late in returning home. Simona will begin to be worried. Jimena Instead he will be amazed at how quickly Manuel learns a waltz and the Marquis will promise that he will devote himself to her for as long as she wants. Candela will vent against Pia.

Advances The Promise: Jana has confirmation that Curro is her brother

Jana saved Curro from certain death but the boy, in spite of everything, he has no intention Of acknowledge this merit. But Manuel told everything to his family and the baron made a wish Of meet the girl who saved his nephew. The meeting between the two will put very uncomfortable the waitresswhich however will try not to get distracted by the nice news just discovered. Curro is really his Marcos and he had confirmation of this by seeing the birthmark that the young man has on his shoulder. But unfortunately Jana won’t be able to get close to her little brother againwho has now become a snooty and spoiled nobleman.

The Promise Previews: Cruz’s dinner is in danger of failing

Cruz puts a lot of faith in the dinner for his birthday and wants everything to be perfect. Too bad that Mauro hasn’t returned home yet and that there is ferment in the kitchen. Simona will be afraid of failing to prepare everything in time ma Lope will promise to help her out. The cook will calm down, putting a lot of trust in the young man’s creativity. Meanwhile Catalina will reassure her father on the financial situation of La Promessa.

Plots and Previews The Promise: Candela vents his frustration on Pia

Jimena and Manuel continue to train for the dance and the Lujan proves to be very skilled. The girl is very satisfied e the marquisto thank her, he will promise to grant her any dance she wants to do. Meanwhile Candela will reveal to Pia il why is he so furious with her. He will reveal to you failed to carry two pregnancies to term and to be mad at her for that. The housekeeper will be blown away!

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The promise va broadcast from Monday to Friday at ore 14.45 are Canale5.