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28 years later: Danny Boyle and Alex Garland are talking about it ‘very seriously’

28 years later: Danny Boyle and Alex Garland are talking about it 'very seriously'

Director and screenwriter of 28 days later, the film that revolutionized and relaunched the zombie movie in 2002, have revealed that their sequel (after Fresnadillo’s 28 weeks later) could become a reality.

In 2002 – on November 1st of that year to be precise, at least in the UK and Ireland – a film arrived in cinemas that had a huge impact on popular culture and genre cinema in the new millennium. The movie we’re talking about is of course 28 days laterthe one in which a very young Cillian Murphy (then an illustrious unknown and not the actor wanted by Christopher Nolan as the protagonist of Oppenheimer) woke up in a hospital in London after 28 days in a coma, to discover an apparently deserted city – very strong images, at least for the time – and in reality the victim of a zombie apocalypse.
The importance of 28 days later lies in the fact of having revolutionized and revitalized a beloved genre like the zombie movieintroducing a clear and fundamental variation to the dominant Romerian model: the zombies of 28 days later, in fact, were not only very voracious and ruthless, but also very fast.
As he explained these days Alex Garlandwho was the screenwriter of that film, the idea for this variation – which is also a variation that reflects the frenzy and anger of the times we live in – came to him playing Resident Evil, video game that has also contributed to the relaunch of zombies in the collective imagination.
“What I found while playing Resident Evil was that, curiously, the zombies themselves weren’t much of a threat because they moved so slowly,” Garland said. “The tension didn’t come from the zombies, but from the fact that you didn’t have many bullets to deal with them. I thought: what if the zombies moved as fast as dogs?”

The sentence quoted comes from a long interview with Garlandto the director Danny Boyle and to the manufacturer Andrew McDonald are 28 days later from the site Inverse. And right at the end of that interview Garland e Boyle they throw what some would call a “bowler hat”. That is to say reveal that perhaps a sequel to that film will arrive, the second after the 28 weeks later directed in 2007 by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, sequel which – rightly so – would be titled 28 years later.
“I have long resisted the idea of ​​a new sequel because there have been things of 28 weeks later I didn’t like them,” he said Garland, “And for a long time I thought: ‘hell, I’d rather write a different story set in a different world.” But a few years ago the idea of ​​what could be 28 years later materialized in my head. An idea that Danny also liked“.
The director confirmed: “We’re talking about it very seriously, very carefully. If Alex doesn’t want to direct the film, I’ll be happy to do it“.
Let there be directing Garland o Boyle, in the end it doesn’t matter to us that we would love to see this sequel. And in this regard he supports the position of McDonald: “I wish there was a sequel.”
Fingers crossed.