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My Home My Destiny, la storia vera

My Home My Destiny, when is it aired on Canale 5?

Is My Home My Destiny a true story?

Are you wondering if My Home My Destiny is taken from one true story? Let’s find out all the information right away. A Turkish dramatic television serial based on the book debuts on Canale 5 in the glass Girl of the writer Gulseren Budacioglu.

The author – who works as psychiatrist – has reconstructed some real events, which were then incorporated into the novel. So, we confirm that My Home My Destiny tells a true story. With the book Girl in the GlassBudaçioğlu narrated the experiences of some of his own patientsincluding the protagonist of the show.

In this book it also appears Zeynep, the protagonist of the television series. The girl was born into a poor family. Also, her father is a violent alcoholic and her mother can’t leave him. After the death of her brother, Zeynep is adopted by a wealthy family.

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Ibrahim Celikkol and Demet Ozdemir in
Ibrahim Celikkol e Demet Ozdemir in “My Home My Destiny”. Credits: Mediaset.

What is My Home My Destiny about

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My Home My Destiny, therefore, is based on a novel based on real events. By watching the episodes, viewers will discover the story of Zeynep, a girl of humble origins who as a child was adopted by her mother’s wealthy employers. After attending the most exclusive schools in the country, she is imposed a marriage of interest with a man of high society. Zeynep’s life takes an unexpected turn when her biological mother reappears.

Il cast is composed by Demet Özdemir (especially known for DayDreamer – The wings of the dream), Ibrahim Celikkol (Bitter land, The house you were born in is your destiny), Engin Ozturk (Magnificent Century, Resurrection: Ertugrul), Zuhal Gencer, Senan Kara, Elif Sonmez, Hülya Duyar, Fatih Koyunoğlu, Naz Göktan, İncinur Cute, Kaan Altay Köprülü, Hakan Salınmış, Helin Kandemir and Kazım Sinan Demirer.

Behind the camera we find Çağrı Bayrak. My Home My Destiny it goes on air Channel 5 Monday to Friday, 3.45pm.