Is Cecilia Rodriguez pregnant? Photos on social media trigger doubts and curiosity in fans!

Could Cecilia Rodriguez be pregnant? Let’s see together the shots that have sparked the curiosity of the fans.

Cecilia Rodriguez e Ignatius Moser they should have gotten married last month, after the romantic marriage proposal last fall. However, due to the absence of a dear aunt of the showgirl, the wedding was postponed to a later date. But, a recent one rumor could push the couple to fix the date and anticipate the long-awaited wedding?

Is Cecilia Rodriguez pregnant? Photos spark questions in fans!

Cecilia Rodriguez in fact, he has published several shots on social media that have intrigued fans: the Argentine showgirl and her partner Ignatius Moser they will get married soon, even if the official wedding date has not yet been announced. Cecilia Rodriguez provided some updates and revealed that as soon as she and Moser will set the wedding date, he will communicate it to his fans.

In the meantime, the showgirl has published several shots with her partner and their dogs: nothing strange, since often Cecilia Rodriguez shares moments of his private life. However, among the photos posted on Instagramscrolling through the gallery of the post, an unusual detail can be noticedsomething that triggered the alarm in the heads of the fans and led them to wonder if, perhaps, rather than announcing a wedding, the couple, very soon, will not have to make another type of announcement.

If you scroll through the photos, which you can find below, you will notice an image that seems almost out of tune with the others: in one of the shotsIndeed, you can see some shoes and a baby hatin shades of blue. That Cecilia Rodriguez is pregnant? There has been no official announcement from the couple, therefore, this could be just a rumor, although a photo like this doesn’t seem to leave many doubts. We just have to wait to find out if it really is Cecilia Rodriguez e Ignazio Moser will soon become parents.

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