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Amara Land, Turkish Advances: Hunkar and Demir lay down their arms, peace made!

Amara Land, Turkish Advances: Hunkar and Demir lay down their arms, peace made!

Let’s find out together what the Turkish Advances reveal of the new episodes of Terra Amara, soon to be broadcast on Canale 5. Hunkar and Demir forgive each other.

The small Adnan he accidentally shot himself and is now risking his life. In the face of this tragedy, Hunkar Yaman and the son Iron they will finally find a compromise and they will make peace. Let’s find out together what they reveal to us Turkish advances of the new episodes of Bitter landthe soap on air Channel 5.

Bitter Land: Hunkar rebels, that’s why he argued with Demir

Throughout all seasons of Bitter landthe Turkish soap broadcast on Canale 5 which is bewitching the public with its twists and turns, Hunkar Yaman and the son Iron they were more and more united than ever. That is until Demir, mad with jealousy at the idea that Zulehya cheated on him with Yilmazdecides to permanently prevent his wife from meeting i children Adnan and Leila, taking them to an undisclosed location and also excluding Hunkar from his decisions. This gesture will make Yaman think that, seeing the atrocious pain of a mother from whom her children have been taken away, she will decide to negotiate for her daughter-in-law. The situation will become even more critical when Hunkar finds out that Demir ha affidato i bambini to Sevda Çağlayan, former lover of his father Adnan, to whom Demir bought a luxurious property in Cukurova. As if that weren’t enough, Demir will tell everyone that he considers Sevda equal to one second mothercarrying Hunker to disown him as a son, feeling deeply humiliated and betrayed.

Anticipations Terra Amara: Hunkar in shock, little Adnan in danger

Furious and disgusted by her son’s gesture, Hunkar will team up with Zulehya, until the daughter-in-law decides to reveal to her husband that the eldest son Adnan is actually the son of Yilmaz. Not wanting to listen to reason and lose his role as head of the family, Iron will organize the circumcision ceremony of the child, but under these circumstances Adnan will be the victim of a tragic accident. While the son is suspended between life and death, Iron he will find the support and support of his mother again Hunker. The woman, putting pride aside in such a delicate moment, will support Demir during Adnan’s operation, reminding him that she never has to think about her well-being and that she loves him despite the humiliation that she has made her suffer with Sevda’s story. At that point, Demir will reveal the truth about the choice of take care of the father’s ex-lover.

Terra Amara Advances: Demir and Hunkar make peace

In the new episodes of Bitter landairing soon on Channel 5, Iron find the courage to tell the mother Hunker that his father Adnan begged him to take care of his ex-lover love through a letter he wrote shortly before his death. The truth will come out and Hunkar will tell his son that he prevented her husband from leaving her to protect her childhood, giving him a family that is at least apparently united. Demir, on the other hand, will tell his mother that he has grown fond of the singer by respecting the wishes of her father, but that he never intended to disrespect her. It will finally come there pace sealed by a hug, even if the Advances reveal that there will be no happy ending for mother and son: the tragedy it’s around the corner.

Bitter land it goes on air Channel 5 Monday to Friday at 2.10pm.